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Many people consider that a VICENTÍN melon or watermelon is the maximum expression of quality. A prestige that is the consequence of many years harvesting exquisite fruit obtained from the best plantations in the world. VICENTÍN melons and watermelons can be found in the best greengrocer’s, such as El Corte Inglés, and their prestige is so great that we receive messages from all over the country from people who request information, ask questions and even send us recipes that will be sure to triumph at meals.




PERIS DOLCE MELON AND WATERMELON implies revolutionising the image: a tendency brought on by consumers who are looking for high quality fruit that is as exquisite and perfumed as the great brands, but cheaper and slightly smaller. This size is selling very well and, furthermore, it adapts to the commercial needs of distributors and retailers. 
The denomination dates back to a period during which the fruit was known as the Peris from Valencia, especially among professionals in wholesale food markets.



Originally, the comparison between the sweet, golden inside of the melon and the most appreciated metal in our culture, was a very popular differentiating value. The experience, the satisfaction produced by “18 Carats” is located in the memory where memories are worth their weight in gold. It is impossible to make comparisons with other melons because, as we know at this stage in life, unique things have a personality that is not conditioned by trends or gossip and they are never forgotten.