In the field

The key philosophy of Vicente Peris success is the direct collaboration with the farmers and professionals who cultivate and ‘create’ the produce that reaches consumers. The relationship commences with the choice regarding which varieties to plant and continues with the advice and supervision related to treatments and cultivation processes. It also includes the definition of the season’s results with the purpose of establishing new lines of work, thus optimising each one of the resources. These productive associates are included among the best specialists in the world in melon and watermelon farming, and their techniques and advances have marked the evolution of the sector during the last 25 years.

For Vicente Peris visiting the fields is a necessary obligation that keeps the technical experts informed about the situation of the harvest, its evolution, growth and future harvesting periods. The information is then transferred to the wholesale buyers from the most important markets in the country, so they can make their plans. Vicente Peris also directly manages the farmland, enabling them to use the results as a test that complements the main contributions from the farming specialists. When the produce comes from countries in the southern hemisphere, there are even more supervision procedures, thus guaranteeing appropriate logistics and quality standards that adapt to the requirements established by EU standards.