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Lima bean available all year round

Lima beans are sold dry rehydration and cooking, though it can be found in its tender version, ready to be stir-fried. Lima beans produced in Valencia are considered to be a delicacy with a fine, smooth skin, and a creamy interior that absorbs the flavors of the broths to which they are added. Peris has proprietary crops and crops in partnership with third-party farmers with the purpose of meeting the increasing demand for this fine bean in our country and across Europe (where the presence of Spanish nationals drives our Lima Beans to cross borders) all year round. Peris is a member of the association of Valencian Lima bean farmers.

The queen bean of the Valencian Paella

The Lima Bean is one of the essential ingredients of the Valencian paella. This large, white bean has different purple spots depending on its variety. A few years ago, PERIS started cultivating and selling this little-known bean outside the Valencian Community. This vegetable is hard to grow, sensitive to extreme heat, and requires a trellis structure and constant supervision due to its great vitality. It has a long tradition in Valencian cuisine, since it used to be grown by people in farmhouses during winter for their own consumption, as squash did.

Authentic Varieties

People specialized in the consumption of Lima beans consider that three authentic varieties exist based on the percentage of purple spots around the bean. There are substitutes on the market that have a lower gastronomical quality, but those who understand beans seek the original version of these three varieties offered by Peris. Every year we need to sow a larger area to meet the demand for this peculiar and delicious bean, typical in paellas, rice and other dishes.