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True quality

Quality is the driver that defines the way in which we build our company. We like to think that we represent every aspect of this word. It is an expression of responsibility, foresight, organization, commitment and a focus on a clearly specific idea. And it is not easy to maintain this energy every morning, when we see a trend that devalues the importance of this differentiating concept from every front. We are facing an era in which interests exist that aim to misinform consumers, undermine the value of making a difference, and conceal the importance of small details. Regardless, at PERIS we work to offer true quality, born out of excellence and a job well done. A tradition of Premium melon and watermelon is our hallmark.

Global Gap, clean and sustainable

To PERIS, the countryside is more alive than ever. The rural processes and fieldworks that bring our fruit to life generate activity and foster the creation of hundreds of jobs. These plantations are mostly governed by the demanding Global Gap certification that ensures the compliance with good agricultural practices. It might seem logical, but it implies a significant effort and investment that is not always valued by agents who exclusively focus on profitability. However, these good practices are what have led to lands free from excess and fruit filled with flavor. It is us doing our part to take care of the farmland and the planet.

Farmers, the drivers of our fields

To PERIS, farmers are the true heroes of this story. From time immemorial, the families that sow, transplant and cultivate in hand with PERIS apply year after year a myriad of skills passed on from parents to children. They know the land, the slopes, the chills, the moistures and the winds. They know the hunger of the bush, the heat of the sun, the mist of the dew and the shadow of the foliage. Their work is technically perfect, because the varieties that they harvest for PERIS are the most demanding, and they obtain from nature perfect, balanced fruits that can bring us delicious experiences.

Innovation. Variety Selection

Just like in our society, fruit varieties evolve thanks to research teams from across the world. Every year we take part of the most important gatherings of the sector and offer our opinions in relation to fields and tastes. We also provide a space for trending varieties, promoting improvements, encouraging opportunities and fostering knowledge among future professional buyers. These new varieties are studied in experimental parcels where they evolve and grow, and the resulting fruit is analyzed to determine points of improvement or to include the new variety in the list of proposals for the following crop.

Eco-friendly product, a rising value

In recent times we have been witnessing a great shift in the way in which fruits & vegetables are cultivated, under new guidelines aimed at reducing, substituting or eliminating certain toxic substances to create foods in a way that requires little to no use of these items. At PERIS we are certified as eco-friendly operators and we implement stringent environmentally-friendly control systems to the extent demanded by the market and permitted by the law, to obtain healthy and appetizing fruits.

Zero Residue

Zero Residue products are those that, when harvested, have a complete absence of chemical residues from treatments undergone during cultivation. A stringent analysis certifies this absence of residues, resulting from thoroughness and control in the application of phytosanitary treatments which, in turn, are governed by environmentally friendly standards. PERIS offers melon, watermelon and squash lots certified as Zero Residue – our goal is, however, to expand this certification to almost the entirety of our offer.