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What are pre-prepared products?

The evolution of innocuous gas preservation technologies and changes in the customs of our society have given birth to what we call pre-prepared fruits and vegetables. These foods are simply washed, peeled, sliced and packaged with or without a controlled environment, to attain a shelf life of around 7 days on average.

The White Room

Processing these foodstuffs requires facilities known as White Rooms, where temperature is controlled (between 5° and 7°C), the air is constantly micro-filtered and which is cleaned on a daily basis. This entire process is performed under IFS-compliant food safety and hygiene controls, implemented by the most important companies in the food sector.

proveedores de frutas en Valencia
Sandías Vicente Peris en sala blanca de elaboración de fruta cortada y pelada, producto de IV gama
Operario en sala blanca desgranando granadas Vicente Peris
Sala blanca de elaboración de piña pelada y cortada Vicente Peris
Sala blanca de elaboración productos IV gama Vicente Peris
Sala blanca de elaboración de granada pelada de desgranada, producto de IV gama de Vicente Peris
Piña pelada, cortada y envasada, producto de IV gama Vicente Peris Frutifresh
Operario en sala blanca pelando y cortando piñas Vicente Peris, productor IV gama

Discover the Fruit

In pre-prepared products, fruit is the true star of each platter. We remove the peel, seeds and cores and only leave the delicious pieces of carefully sliced fruit. This means convenience, increasing your fruit consumption and adding more fiber, water and natural sugars to your diet… a snack that is good for you inside and out. This conservation format has facilitated the presence of fruit in events and celebrations, workplaces, schools, tourism and hotels, vending and catering, among others. Fruit consumption is much higher when it is pre-prepared, as opposed to when we have to peel them ourselves, leading to a significant increase (40%) among children.

Ready-to-eat Baked Fruit

There is a strong baked fruit and vegetable tradition in our country. Valenciano pumpkins, golden apples, boniato sweet potatoes, scallions and many more go into our ovens year round. For Valenciano pumpkins, the number of enthusiasts of this typical dessert and snack from the fields of Valencia – which used to be cultivated as a secondary crop – are on the raise. These pumpkins used to be taken to the town’s kiln and used to make buñuelos, soups, and to be halved and enjoyed in its own caramel, in a grandiose harmony worthy of major family events.

Pre-prepared Fruit

Peris considers glucose syrup to be a natural fresh fruit preservation medium. We don’t expose fresh-cut pieces to sudden and unnecessary temperature variations to maintain their qualities in a magical sweetness and pure fruit flavor. Thanks to glucose syrup, we extend the life of the fruit and achieve new and amazing tastes. Our pre-prepared fruits maintain their nutritional qualities as if they had been freshly sliced – however, the glucose syrup should always be poured out (even if it is delicious) to maintain their nutritional balance.

Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging

Our pre-prepared and ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables and packaged in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) platters, which is a typical plastic commonly used in food & beverage packages. This material can be used for heat sealed packages, which guarantees the preservation of the protective environment – an innocuous gas technology that extends the life of fruits and vegetables. In addition, this plastic material is free from bisphenol A.

PET platters are 100% recyclable through the proper use of yellow containers and are 70% manufactured out of recycled material.

This said, we have performed tests with eco-friendly materials such as PLA, manufactured out of potato or corn starch, so as to start having the option of serving products in these platters. Advances with these materials have been significant, and soon we will be able to offer a wide range of our products in this and other new packages.