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Jewel of the Fields

Scallion producers. At Peris we offer scallions all year round. Even today, scallion crops in the fields of Valencia are a trademark of the region, along with chufa sedges and squash. From time immemorial, canals carrying waters from the Turia River have irrigated these fine, sandy lands to help in the development of the white, mildly spicy onion bulbs. These onions grow in Levante since late autumn through winter and spring, and production is relocated to cooler areas in the peninsula during warmer months.

A must-have in the kitchen

Every food enthusiast knows that scallions make all the difference in a dish’s flavor. Cooks that use our scallion year round note its smooth flavor – perfect to give a special touch to dishes of all kinds. Ours is a smoother scallion, because it has a higher water content and because it is grown on lands with low sulfur, giving the bulb more character in the kitchen.

Scallion producers

The star of the salad

The scallion by PERIS is well-liked due to its constant quality, careful presentation and fine aroma. It can be found in market aisles and booths throughout the country. The product is always clean and without roots, whether as a bouquet or on a platter with its stalk. Also available as a pre-prepared product in bulbs, sliced or diced on platters for immediate use. It can be used to give flavor to stir-fried meals or used raw in entrees, snacks and salads.