Spring onion

We have the most exquisite of onions.

Still today, the young onion fields in the orchards of Valencia are one of its fundamental signs of identity, together with the tiger nut and pumpkin.

Since time immemorial, irrigation ditches with water from the Turia have irrigated these fine, sandy soils to facilitate the development of white, slightly pungent onion bulbs.

Everything is used from a spring onion, from the bulb to the stalk and leaves, which are often incorporated into broths to add flavor.

Peris spring onion

At Peris we have spring onions all year round. Our onions are white, soft and sweet varieties. Among the varieties we work with are onion dew and onion cloud.

Our spring onion plantations grow in Levante from late fall, winter and spring. In the warmer months, we move production to cooler areas of the peninsula.

Our spring onion is highly appreciated for its quality, and is sold on shelves and market stalls throughout the country. We always present it clean and free of roots, whether in bunches or trays. We also have
spring onions in pre-prepared convenience food
in bulbs and tubs, in sliced or cut onion format, for immediate use.
Tender onion, source of potassium and vitamin C, presented in tubs, bunches and trays. Vicente Peris.
Bunch of spring onion Vicente Peris.

Spring onion in bunch

The spring onion in bundle of 3 pieces is a classic format of the vegetable garden, which includes the leaves and the bulb for those who use the whole plant depending on the recipe.

Spring onion on a tray

The spring onion in a compostable cardboard tray includes a part of the stem in perfectly presented bulbs. It is a common format in supermarkets and food stores.

Tray of tender onion Vicente Peris.
Vicente Peris spring onion terrine.

Spring onion terrine

The chopped spring onion is ready to add to the sofrito or salad. It is a convenient and quick format for those who want to save time and avoid the smell of onions when cutting them.

Properties of spring onion

The onion is the most popular bulb in our gastronomy. It is a good source of potassium that contributes to the normal functioning of muscles and the nervous system. It is also a source of vitamin C, when eaten raw, which contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative damage. In addition, it is low in energy and rich in fiber.

Peeled and cut tender onion Vicente Peris.

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