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Squash specialists

At Peris we know that squash is one of the new ingredients in modern shopping carts. It is yet another farm fruit that fills the most fertile fields with its yellow flowers during the summer. Throughout the last few years, squash consumption has increased exponentially, and is now being used in all kinds of homes and cuisines. Creams, sautéed dishes, soups, salads, brisket stuffing, pastries… we have quickly learned that squash is as versatile as any other farm fruit.

Delicious variety of indigenous butternut squash and field pumpkin

Peris has a great prestige among squash professionals due to its efforts to recover the original variety of butternut squash. Unlike hybrid varieties, it offers a higher gastronomical quality in regard to flavor, color and sweetness. Its fine, scented pulp can be used in both casseroles and desserts, which gives it a perfect versatility. As for the field pumpkin, we are focusing on a similar project, trying to find the perfect sweet pumpkin for our ready-to-eat products.

Squash available throughout the year

Our catalog includes traditional and hybrid butternut squash, Carruécano and Valencian field pumpkin year round, thanks to our national and counter-seasonal cultivars. They are produced by farms managed by Peris, in collaboration with expert farmers, and are the raw materials of pre-prepared and ready-to-eat products such as Crudités, baked meals and diced products used by the food industry and sold in the most select distribution centers of the country.