The 6 Reasons for Quality

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Quality Produce

Vicente Peris aims to offer maximum quality, without forsaking responsible farming. To do this, we have decided to certify our production through an international organism that oversees product development and commercialization process through which we deliver these products to our customers.
This enables us to grow products that display the best organoleptic properties, ensure our crops are handled in an appropriate and sustainable manner, minimise the use of chemical consumables, show maximum respect for the biodiversity in the environment and make sure our workers can carry out their job in a safe and healthy manner.

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food safety

Besides assuring the quality of a product at its point of origin, Vicente Peris wants to guarantee the food safety of our products throughout the whole process until they reach the consumer. To achieve this, we have decided to have our premises certified by an international private organism: IFS Higher level.
The traceability of our products is computerised, which means we can quickly know at any moment, the historical data, location and path of the products or product batches throughout the whole supply chain.
The products we produce and/or commercialise are not genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO); the corresponding field log books are validated by technical experts, and the systematic analytical controls of all our products are validated by accredited laboratories.

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A exhaustive control from start to finish

To guarantee a product that can be consumed safely maintains all its properties, in Vicente Peris we carry out an exhaustive control of all the processes, from the moment the produce is harvested and selected, until it reaches the packaging and distribution stage. We place great importance on the continuous improvement of our premises (Health Inspection/Industrial Inspection), surveillance of the critical points of the process by means of control studies of superficial pollution, exclusive use of drinking water, water analysis, plague control…, as well as any elements that intervene in the confection (Accreditation of the European Trading Standards, Laser…), to ensure the healthiness of our products throughout the process until they reach consumers.

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Appreciating people

Vicente Peris‘ long track record in the agri-food industry, as well as the importance we place on both external and internal continuous training allow us to provide our staff with extensive experience and professionalism that is patently obvious in our produce.
Safeguarding respect, health and safety in the workplace are key factors that are complied daily by our company and, as a consequence, this often leads to our staff being considered a reference for the sector.
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Respect for
the environment

In Vicente Peris we are fully aware that to achieve social well-being, it is important to conserve the environment.
For this reason we comply with objectives focussed towards reducing the impact our activity causes and we safeguard environmental sustainability by following a policy that assures a rational use of water, waste management carried out by authorised agents (oils, spotlights, pieces of metal, printer ink…), the recycling of wood, plastic, cardboard, containers and labels, and a correct management of organic waste as a source of food for the cattle sector.
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Committed to social well-being

Health and well-being are values that are expected and fomented every day in Vicente Peris. The promotion of healthy habits, such as doing sport or eating fresh fruit and vegetables, work adjustment, non-discrimination for sexual orientation or national origin, and the collaboration with different organisms to set aside part of our produce to feed those in need are, among others, practices that help improve some of the problems that exist in our society today.
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