The Queen of Summer

Seedless watermelon is now the star of the summer when it comes to fruit. Since the emergence of the new triploid seedless varieties, the increase in sales and new markets is without question: everyone wants to enjoy the favorite fruit of all ages and cultures. It enjoys this popularity because the top-of-the-line varieties (fenway, fashion, style) have a very steady level of quality, they are thoroughly used in gastronomy, their price is accessible and they are delicious. At PERIS it is already the highest-selling fruit, and it lets us reach markets where the Santa Claus melon is unknown.

Crunchy, sweet and at everyone’s reach

At PERIS we carry black and striped watermelons – both of them seedless – almost throughout the entire year. Undoubtedly, the ones we like the best are the ones from Spain, because their quality is difficult to surpass. Our VICENTÍN, DOLCE and PERIS brands include harvests of the best varieties grown at many places in the country. We offer the watermelon whole, sliced and heat shrink-wrapped out of our pre-prepared department, so that it can reach the points of sale in optimal food safety conditions.

Peris Dolce, Watermelons for everyone

Our highest-selling brand offers striped and black watermelons, both seedless. The striped watermelon has a firmer pulp, a regular pink color and a thick, resistant rind. Black watermelons also have a following that enjoys their contrasting colors, a slightly more intense flavor and a slightly spongier pulp.

Exclusive black variant by Vicentín

VICENTÍN exclusively offers perfect seedless black watermelons, calibers 2 and 3, selected among the best in our harvest based on their geometry, pulp density and smoothness, and aroma intensity. These fruits are heirs to the mythical seeded watermelon varieties cultivated in the vegetable gardens of Valencia, which gave birth to the legend of our gourmet brand hand-in-hand with our Vicentín melons.

Pre-prepared Watermelon

Peris offers distributors the opportunity to acquire quartered and halved heat shrink-wrapped watermelons. Sliced pieces are a smash-hit, because the inside of the watermelons is exposed, allowing customers to choose a serving that fits their needs. In the case of platters of watermelons sliced in a controlled environment, we offer various options under the Frutifresh brand. This variant has turned watermelon into a popular fruit in urban, business and office environments, allowing for a hassle-free consumption at any time of day.