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Crunchy, unique flavor

Peris is a white celery producer. White celery is one of the great discoveries of wholesome cuisine. It is a gourmet specialty that is perfectly suited to new tastes, due to its great character, no calories and nutritional values. Gastronomically, it is much lighter, less sour and more anise-flavored than the green celery variant, and is considered to be an allergen food. In the kitchen it is used fresh as an ingredient in shakes, salads, or to accompany sauces for dipping. It also gives a well-liked touch to soups, meat stews and vegetable creams.

A Star of Wholesome Cuisine

White celery is sowed by Peris in late summer to be harvested in late autumn and winter, when the product attains its highest quality. Its white, sturdy stalks have a very slight yellowish color, with fine, almost imperceptible fibers. During the summer months, crops are sown in the cold regions of the peninsula using white celery variants that exhibit the highest resistance to heat. Common presentations include Bunch, Baggie, Platter and Stalks, and as pre-prepared meals, chopped, sliced or diced stalks.

White celery producers

White, delicate flavor

New dipping trends have boosted the consumption of Peris white celery due to its smoothness, and the way in which it perfectly combines with sauces, cheeses, dressings, etc. Peris celery presentations include the classic baggies in different sizes, and on platters, leafless. As a pre-prepared product, we also offer whole celery stalks and sliced stalks, both in recyclable platters ready for consumption. Peris is one of the best white celery producers.