Our Brands

The values of Vicente Peris

We are brand owners because we are faithful to a way of doing things.


The brand guarantee that differentiates our products

Peris is a branded company, what does this mean? We are fully committed to our ideas and our products are part of our identity. We try to ensure that our actions and our products are consistent with a brand personality that has been active since 1944.

Staying true to an idea is very hard work

To be a brand owner is to consider that each melon, watermelon, pumpkin, tub… must maintain a global quality standard, which cannot be renounced because it represents our brand personality. So we have a commitment to professionals and consumers that is reflected in our products.

Melons 18 carats, Vicentín, dolde dandia, gold peris de Vicente Peris.
18 carats, a trademark of Vicente Peris

18 Carat

The company’s oldest melon brand, registered in 1947, and whose wooden box is known by the most demanding fruit sellers, cooks and gourmets in the country. Under this brand we only label high quality piel de sapo melon.


By history, it is the second brand of melons in our demanding ranking, although it is certainly the best known by consumers today. The label shows the figure of the founder’s first-born son dressed in torrentí, one of the traditional Valencian costumes. Their labels qualify toad skin melons and seedless black and striped watermelons of extraordinary quality.

Vicentín, the brand of selected melons of Vicente Peris.
Vicente Peris logo


The surname of the family fruit and vegetable company also marks different qualities and products, including those with the highest commercial volume, such as Peris Gold and Peris Dolce toad skin melons , the latter brand also present in black and striped seedless watermelons. In addition, under the Peristar brand, we alsomarket products that are fundamental to us, such as pumpkin, white celery, spring onion and bean sprouts.


The brand of fourth and fifth range products is the latest addition to the Peris catalog. It was created to sponsor another way of consuming fruit, more informal, more comfortable, without rules or complexes. The world of premium fruit is sometimes too serious and traditional, so Frutifresh marks new ways of expression and enjoyment of fruits ready to open and consume.

Frutifresh, a brand of Vicente Peris