Pumpkin growers

In Peris we are specialists in the cultivation and commercialization of pumpkin, one of the fruits of the orchard with more properties and greater Valencian gastronomic tradition that we have all year round.

With it you will be able to make endless healthy, simple and delicious pumpkin recipes. From pumpkin creams with toasted pumpkin seeds on top, to sponge cakes or fritters, where this ingredient is a must.

Pumpkin Varieties

Our domestic pumpkin crops are concentrated in Valencia and Ciudad Real. Among our annual pumpkin production volume, a significant percentage corresponds to traditional varieties. They are pumpkins grown from our own seeds that we select year after year, with two objectives: to produce better and better quality pumpkins and to contribute to the survival of traditional pumpkin varieties, with remarkable organoleptic qualities.
Traditional pumpkin varieties are more difficult to produce, generate added costs, fruit size is diverse and production is lower. However, it offers a firmer, more aromatic pulp with a higher level of natural sugar. For this reason, for its quality and its gastronomic and nutritional contributions, in Peris we bet year after year for the cultivation of pumpkins of traditional varieties, because this is what the biggest fans of this product ask us for.
Traditional pumpkin and peanut varieties by Vicente Peris.
Pumpkin variety rotena from Vicente Peris.

Roteña Valenciana Pumpkin

the classic warty-skinned, round and flattened pumpkin. They are large pieces, which can reach up to 5 – 8 kilos in weight. Because of its natural sweetness, it is mostly prepared roasted in the oven and the result is a delicious dessert or snack. It is also the original base for the famous pumpkin fritters and pumpkin pies.

Peanut Squash

It is one of the most common and appreciated for multiple recipes, since it is delicious in any way: baked, fried, boiled, roasted and even raw. Once cooked, you can even eat it with its skin on, especially if it is an organic pumpkin, which will provide your recipes with an extra dose of fiber.

Peanut variety pumpkin from Vicente Peris.
Pumpkin variety carruano of Vicente Peris.

Pumpkin Carruecano

real giants with veined skin with orange and green spots. With it you can prepare creams, sautés and stews. It was originally consumed in northern Spain and the Canary Islands, although it has now spread throughout the peninsula. This variety is usually purchased cut, as the pieces weigh between 8 and 25 kg each.

Muscat Pumpkin

This large pumpkin is little known in Spain, but it is very popular in some of our European neighbors, such as France and Italy. Its pulp is very appreciated to incorporate it to stews, creams and to consume it roasted.

Being specialists in the cultivation of pumpkin, we have added this peculiar variety to our catalog at the request of several of our customers. Its main destination is exports.

Peeled, cut and vacuum packed pumpkin, Vicente Peris.

Pumpkin ECO pre-prepared convenience food

Peris has the organic farming certificate that allows us to produce cubes of organically grown pumpkin for fourth range customers.

ES-ECO-020-CV Certificate of organic production. Agriculture EU origin Spain.

Vacuum packed pumpkin

This is the most popular format of our fourth range peeled pumpkins due to its convenience and competitiveness on the shelf. A bag of vacuum-packed pumpkin with the necessary quantity for family consumption.

Peeled, cut and vacuum packed pumpkin, Vicente Peris.

Health properties of pumpkin

Pumpkin is low in energy and a source of fiber. It is also a source of potassium, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles, as well as to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

Pumpkin is also a source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

In short, pumpkin is a wonder recognized for its nutritional properties that accompanies us all year round and is capable of being an exceptional and delicate ingredient in a multitude of dishes.

Pumpkin cut in half, Vicente Peris.

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