Being a sustainable company for the future of all

When you grow such high quality products you learn that sustainability and care for the land is the key to success. To be respectful of the environment, to carry out sustainable agriculture, to be efficient in the cultivation… In short, preserving the heritage of our countryside.

At Vicente Peris we have, among others, the 14001 environmental management system standard that endorses our processes. In addition to external certifications, such as IFS FOOD, which regulates food safety, and GLOBALG.A.P., for sustainable crop practices and responsible product management.

Being sustainable is our driving force.

Vicente Peris, sustainable business.

Peris, hand in hand with ISO 14001

ISO 14001 certification enables us to demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection through the management of the environmental risks associated with our activities.

By implementing ISO 14001 certification, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainable management. Likewise, this standard facilitates the incorporation of environmental issues as part of Vicente Peris S.A.’s strategic objectives.

When we implement a plan generated under ISO 14001 we analyze all the steps that our waste goes through: wood, organics, plastics, wastewater, process water, chemicals, batteries, etc. In this way, we clearly establish the input and output channels of the production process.

At Vicente Peris we are fully aware of the existence of materials and processes that must be supervised by a procedure that is a guarantee of management, always under respectful parameters with the environment.

The basic principle of this standard is shared by IFS Food and GLOBALG.A.P., which allows us to establish synergies between processes and certifications that facilitate the implementation and monitoring of improvement processes.

Crops under the GlobalG.A.P. standard.

GlobalG.A.P. comes from the acronym ‘Good Agricultural Practices’. It is an agronomic production standard that seeks to homogenize agricultural practices worldwide in accordance with current food safety, environmental and labor regulations, in pursuit of a sustainable production system.

Customers and consumers who enjoy our fruits require certified guarantees that endorse the good agricultural practices carried out in our plantations and the most popular and recognized standard in the world is GlobalG.A.P.

Respect and balance in each crop

GlobalG.A.P. came to Peris as a basic condition to be able to market our products in European supermarkets and chains under a homogeneous quality standard, which would facilitate quality controls.

In Peris we are producers of fruits and vegetables such as melon, watermelon, pumpkin and white celery, therefore, this certification allows us to run our processes with the most demanding practices and, in addition, constantly updated.

Today we do not understand any other way of understanding crops, always from a perspective of respect and balance in each phase of the process.

A guarantee of respect for the environment

For customers and consumers of Peris products from GlobalG.A.P. plantations, the quality standard is very high and its benefits are noticed and highlighted.

Therefore, our goal is to continue producing our products under the GlobalG.A.P. standard until we reach 100% production of the products we offer.

Celery plantation, sustainable crop Vicente Peris.

Products with no chemical footprint

Zero residue’ food production is based on the set of techniques, protocols and inputs that we apply with the objective of obtaining residue levels below the limit of determination of active ingredients (0.01 ppm, 0.01 mg/kg). It is not just a matter of replacing synthetic chemicals with organic products. The spectrum must be broadened and the agrosystem must be fully understood in order to be successful .

Therefore, we must take into account various factors that influence the growing cycle, such as an integrated management system that not only seeks to produce fresh, healthy and safe food, but also tries to respond to European requirements in terms of food safety. We are talking about taking into account aspects such as land preparation, pruning, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, etc., in a coordinated and global way , within the plantation.

For Peris, ‘zero residue’ products are those that at the time of harvesting present a total absence of chemical residues, inherited from treatments received during cultivation . A rigorous analysis carried out by external laboratories certifies the absence of around 717 officially confirmed residues. This is achieved thanks to a strict control in the application of phytosanitary and pesticide treatments, which, in turn, applies ecological and environmental respect standards .

This guarantee for the entire distribution chain and consumers allows the growth of a category of products that are environmentally friendly, healthy and within the reach of all consumers.

Vicente Peris, sustainable business.