Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Vicente Peris

Commitment + planet, Vicente Peris. Let's make the world a better place.

Commitment + PLANET

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the main pillars that are part of the companies of our time. It is the result of our daily commitment to society and the environment that surrounds us. We are a company located in the orchard of Valencia, linked to agriculture and healthy food; we try to perform socially responsible and transparent actions. We are a family business that is committed to society beyond the objectives of economic profitability.

with Health

We are firmly committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and food safety in all our products. We carry out periodic controls under Global Gap and IFS Food standards aimed at providing consumers with outstanding products that improve their quality of life in every way.

In IV and V Range, we maintain the essence of our delicious raw material, avoiding the use of technologies and additives that may alter its healthy properties, maintaining a global control of the cold chain and processing in the Clean Room to guarantee food safety until it reaches the consumer.

+ committed to your health. Vicente Peris.
Vicente Peris, committed to nature, to your health, to sustainability and to society.

with Nature

We have a clear commitment to environmental sustainability. For this reason, we have a waste management plan supported by the ISO 14001 standard aimed at reducing and organizing the management of waste generated with the help of authorized waste managers. This applies to PET and PP plastic waste, cardboard and paper, wood, water and organic waste used for animal feed, by-products, …

We are also committed to environmental respect and conservation in which we are committed to using biodegradable materials in our products whenever possible, such as wood for the cutlery in our tubs, cane fiber trays to contain fruits and vegetables and the use of FSC cardboard boxes with up to 50% recycled material, with low ink/varnish consumption designs that facilitate their recycling and water consumption in their processing. An internal team of the company assumes in each project the analysis of each process based on the principle of optimization of energy, resources and costs in relation to nature and management efficiency.

with the Company

We are also committed to talent management and the promotion of the people who make up the organization’s human team. We encourage internal communication channels and promote equal opportunities to improve the well-being of company members and their life expectations. We generate training mechanisms that allow us to provide greater efficiency and safety in the processes and working conditions of the people who make up Peris. They also receive continuous training, such as occupational safety practices and courses on allergens and food intolerances.

At a social level, we promote education through the development and collaboration of sports, educational and solidarity projects. Our presence in events related to popular athletics has been very prominent, providing our products to facilitate recovery and healthy hydration after exercise. Solidarity is a natural part of our raison d’être, so we maintain constant collaborations with the Food Bank of Valencia and various regional charities linked to the care of the elderly and support for disadvantaged families.

Vicente Peris, committed to nature, to your health, to sustainability and to society.
Vicente Peris, committed to nature, to your health, to sustainability and to society.

with Innovation

We incorporate as an essential guideline of our innovative SME philosophy several R&D&I projects related to the selection and improvement of native pumpkin and locust bean varieties, typical of Valencian gastronomy and culture. The value of these seeds and their fruits is supported by our support throughout the product cycle that brings these products to the country’s large food distribution chains. We also collaborate with institutions such as the UPV and the UCLM providing seeds for projects such as the search for a healthy alternative to common dietary fats in different traditional products of Castilla La Mancha.

Listening to the opinions of customers and suppliers is a constant source of inspiration because they also bring their concept of CSR to their relationship with Peris and our products. It is not only a matter of developing and producing business lines, we add energies and ideas that result in constant improvements in the day-to-day and in the essence of the organizations.

We are part of 5 a day

Health begins with food. We are committed to raising awareness of the importance of healthy eating habits, which is why we are part of the association 5 a Day, with which we share these values.

5 a day is a non-profit association whose purpose is to promote the daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Peris is a member of 5 a day within the section of fruit producers, in the association there are companies and associations from the world of distribution, logistics, marketing, growing, etc.

The origin of the 5-a-day concept is based on the minimum daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables recommended by the scientific and medical community in a healthy diet. It is a worldwide organization with national associations in countries on five continents.

Commitment 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.