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Our commitment to brand value

The world of fruit is witnessing the birth and unstoppable rise of Premium brands in the most select grocery stores and distribution centers. It is the consolidation of a premium quality segment as a counterpart to a segment where price is the determining factor before the consumer. In this landscape, PERIS has been a trailblazer since its beginnings, with its “18 Quilates,” “Peris Gold” and “Vicentín” Santa Claus melon brands (and also in black seedless watermelon). Each brand has its own history, character and style, generating a melon culture that elicits fond memories among friends of the gourmet scene.

Our commitment to excellence

The prestige of our brands is grounded on traditional products, such as the Santa Claus melon, watermelon, squash, onion, scallion, white celery and lima beans. Our strategy is configuring different brands to support the commercial needs of customers in the various market segments. We also manufacture private label products with excellent results on the market, which allow clients to generate value in their fruit offer. For consumers, the relationship that they establish with our brands turn them into hallmarks that must always be present in their shopping cart. Our products are a success, an event, an experience that warrants paying a little more. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Committed to our History

The history of our company is the source of our character. In relatively recent times, when fruits and vegetables replaced vine cultivation, one of the products that more comfortably settled in the marshes of Cuiper was the melon. Its closeness to the sea impregnated the land with saltpeter – this salt strengthens the growth of the shrub, which results in fruits with a higher content of sugar, and dense and firm pulps.

The best businessmen of Levante came here to buy fruit from Valencia. This activity piqued the interest of one of Cuiper’s sons in such a way that he also wanted to become a businessman. Ramón Peris Orts displayed an extraordinary commercial instinct that led him to notice the importance of reliability and of the product on offer, which is why he impressed these virtues on his business activities until he gained renown and prestige.

The civil war did not only shake up the nation, but also people’s lives. In 1944, when things seemed to slowly get back to normal, the manager of a major marketplace of Barcelona, Joaquín Crumols, contacted Ramón Peris, encouraging him to start working with melons once again. Ramón was busy with another project, so he proposed his brother, Vicente, to take charge of the business. They started working on a select melon brand called “18 Quilates” (“18 Carats”).

Around 1980, the children of Vicente Peris took charge of the business, and made the company grow to a point where they became the most important businessmen in Spain in this type of melon. Always faithful to their demanding, select style, they promoted other quality brands, such as VICENTÍN, ORO DE CUIPER and PERIS, which soon gained a great acceptance on the markets of major Spanish cities, and are nowadays highly regarded.

Our commitment to the future

During the last few years, the third generation of the family has started taking over, with the addition to the business of the pre-prepared and ready-to-eat selection of fruits, in hand with a professional team that is fully committed to the project. Our new facilities in Albuixech (Valencia), home to the most cutting-edge and demanding white room specialized in fruits in the Valencian Community, complete our philosophy of excellence. The result is a new line of business that complements the company’s traditional business, generating new clients and new business spaces for pre-prepared fruit.