Watermelon producers since 1944

At Peris we are producers of striped and black seedless watermelon. We started growing watermelons in the 1950s, and by the 1990s, we were among the pioneers in incorporating seedless watermelons.

Today, it is one of our best-selling products in the national and international market, thanks to the selection of the best varieties and the good work of specialized farmers.

Peris watermelons, quality and flavor

No matter if the watermelon is black or striped, if the watermelon is Peris, the quality, sweetness, flavor and texture are guaranteed. In addition, so is sustainability, since our crops are responsible with the land, the environment and the resources that we allocate to the field.
for the care of each harvest.

Peris seedless watermelons are among the most valued, both by consumers and by professionals in the fruit sector, because they come from selected varieties of seedless watermelon, such asRihana, Fenway, Style, Reina Negra and Fashion for black watermelons, and Red Jasper, Boston, Kasmira, Bengala, among others, for white or striped watermelons.

Our crops are always grown with the most recognized varieties of watermelon, to ensure regular fruits, adequate caliber and a very high organoleptic level.

Our watermelons grow in the best fields in Spain. For Peris, the national watermelon campaign begins in Almeria, continues in Murcia and continues in Castilla-La Mancha. The rest of the year we also have watermelon, both black and striped seedless, of international cultivation.

peris seedless watermelon of the brands dolce sandia and vicentin
Seedless watermelon Vicentín Gran Selección, Valencia.

Vicentín: the best black watermelons

Under the Vicentín brand we market our extra range of large seedless black watermelons, selected among the best of our harvests for their geometry, dense pulp and soft and generous aroma. These are fruits of heir varieties of the mythical watermelons grown in the Huerta de Valencia, which together with the Vicentín melons, started the legend of our gourmet brand.

You can find Vicentín watermelons in the best fruit stores in Spain and also in our online store. What are you waiting for to try them!

Peris Dolce: watermelons for everyone

Peris Dolce is our largest volume brand, offering striped watermelon and black watermelon, both seedless. The striped watermelon has a firmer flesh, a very regular pink color and a thick and resistant rind. Black watermelon is striking for its contrasting colors, slightly more intense flavor and slightly spongier flesh.

Dolce Sandia seedless Vicente Peris.
Skinless watermelon cut and packaged Vicente Peris.

Fresh-cut watermelon: the fastest growing watermelon format

Peris, as a supplier of pre-prepared convenience food watermelon, also has watermelon cut into quarters and shrink-wrapped halves. We also work with the sliced format that we present in sustainable and safe packaging, a convenient format to carry, open and enjoy.

The fresh-cut watermelon allows to see the inside of the piece and to provide the consumer with a quantity more suitable for consumption. The sliced watermelon is packaged in a controlled atmosphere in recyclable and recycled PET tubs.

Properties of watermelon

Watermelon is known for its satiating power and low energy value. In addition, it has appreciable amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Vicente Peris seedless watermelon slices.

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