Family models have changed a lot in recent years. In the past, families in Spain used to be larger. Today, there are many people living alone, there are many more childless couples, or those who have children have fewer than in the past. And there are also single-parent families in which the members are two people and so on.

Consequently, the way of buying has also changed and this is more noticeable in some products whose size is larger, as is the case with watermelon.

And because we know that every household has different needs and preferences, at Peris we offer fruit formats designed for large families, families of 1 to 3 people and also for those who are looking for a healthy snack to enjoy at any time.

And we are going to see the example with the queen of summer, the watermelon.

Buying a whole watermelon: the perfect choice for families with more than 3 members

Donce watermelon, the seedless watermelon by Vicente Peris.

If there are several people in your household and you all enjoy eating watermelon, the whole piece is ideal in this case. This fruit is known for its generous size, as well as its sweet and refreshing taste. Purchasing a whole watermelon allows you to enjoy the full experience of cutting and serving portions according to the needs of each family member.

In addition, when buying whole pieces, you can take full advantage of its freshness if you keep it in optimal conditions until the moment of consumption.

Of course, buying a whole watermelon also allows you to use it to cook with it and prepare, for example, a delicious and refreshing
watermelon gazpacho.

Before opening the watermelon, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources. Once opened, take it directly to the refrigerator. Protect the cuts with plastic wrap to prevent them from softening, so you can enjoy your watermelon in perfect condition for at least the next 3 days.

A whole watermelon can average between 4 and 6 kilos. If you want to know
how to choose a good watermelon, here are some tips.

Buy watermelons in halves or quarters: Perfect for smaller family units.

Slice of watermelon Peris Dolde watermelon, seedless.

If you live in a smaller household, halved pieces of fruit, even in quarters if you live alone, are an excellent choice.

This format comes practically ready to serve. Its preparation is easier and will save you time and effort in the preparation. And it is also easier to find room for them in the fridge, since a whole watermelon takes up its own space.

At Peris we prepare watermelon halves and quarters in our clean room. A refrigerated space at 8º and totally hygienic, because this is the ideal environment to handle the fruit and not generate bacteria that can affect food safety.

Afruit that is cut for sale should be refrigerated not only during cutting, but also at the point of sale, as recommended by AESAN in a report we discussed in this article on how to safely store cut fruit.
as recommended by AESAN in a report discussed in this article on how to safely store cut fruit.

Ideally, the cold chain in cut fruit should be constant, so if you buy halves and quarters of watermelon, melon, pineapple or papaya, which are the most typical fruits in these formats, try to keep those halves refrigerated.

Watermelon halves can average 2 to 3 kilos.

Watermelon quarters weigh, more or less, 1.5 kilos.

Single-serving watermelon tubs: The healthy snack for any occasion

Watermelon portion jar. Frutifresh. Vicente Peris.

If you’re looking for an even more convenient option to enjoy a healthy snack, watermelon single-serving tubs are the perfect choice. These tubs come prepared in individual servings, making them an ideal proposition to take with you to the office, on a hike or as a quick snack at any time of the day. It is also a perfect fruit format for children. Frutifresh watermelon tubs are sold in two sizes: 225g and 400g.

This versatile product is marketed under two brands, Peris and Frutifresh, and some of the supermarkets where you can find it are Consum, El Corte Inglés, AlCampo, My Mercat, Vidal and Supermercados Pepe La Sal.

Watermelon is refreshing, low in calories and rich in essential nutrients, making it a healthy and delicious snack.

This fresh-cut fruit, i.e. peeled and cut fruit, is also prepared in the clean room, for the same food safety reasons mentioned above. And at the point of sale, you will also find it refrigerated.

At Peris we understand that every household has different needs and preferences, and for this reason, we offer different fruit formats.

And no matter which format you choose, you can be sure that all our fruits (watermelon, melon, pineapple, mango, pomegranate, coconut…) are grown with the utmost care and respect for the land. And that in the harvest, we select the best pieces so that you take home fruit with the quality, freshness and flavor that characterize us.