As you read and see… We have changed the image of our Vicentín brand. What a decision! It was not easy to take the step of renewing such an iconic label, recognized by our customers, and we love the result.

The photo of the xiquet faller (faller child) wearing a Torrentí suit has evolved into an illustration where the traditional character of this brand is still present, although updated to a fresher style.

The new label also has a new element. Behind the silhouette of Vicentín we have incorporated an illustration of the Huerta de Valencia, the place where we were born and where we have remained for more than 70 years . A way of showing our roots to an area and to the land from where, to this day, we continue to obtain a good part of the fruits and vegetables that we sell.

The history of Vicentín, one of the first brands of melons

If you are wondering who Vicentín is, we can tell you that he is the first-born son of the company’s founder, Vicente Peris.

That photo was chosen to dress one of the most important brands for the company. It is not very common now, but in the 1960s, when Vicentín was launched on the market, it was a deeply rooted custom to put pictures of family members on the fruit labels.

Since 1960, the Vicentín label has undergone slight changes, with updates in typography, corporate branding, printing quality and materials, but always maintaining the figure of the boy dressed as a huertano.

The new image of Vicentín keeps the essence but undoubtedly brings freshness. In a few weeks you will be able to see it live in the fruit shops that sell our Vicentín melons and watermelons. We look forward to hearing from you!

The presentation was made at Fruit Attraction, the annual fruit and vegetable trade fair held in Madrid. A very important event for companies like ours and a very appropriate forum for such an important presentation for us.

Vicentín changes on the outside, but inside everything remains the same. Under this brand you will continue to find high qualitypiel de sapo melons and black watermelons, carefully selected by the expert hands of our growers, field technicians and plant ‘triadores’. So, keep enjoying Vicentín, now with a new look.