With the arrival of summer in Peris we consider a great plan to enjoy a good fresh and juicy melon. At Vicente Peris, we have been producing melons for more than 80 years, and this year is no exception. Our gourmet melons Vicentín and Peris Gold, recognized for their superior quality and grown in Spain in the open air under the best conditions, are already on the market. And very soon you will also be able to enjoy our 18 Carat melons.

This year, the melon season in Peris has been excellent, both in quality and quantity. In fact, we expect to exceed 5 million kilos of melons, of which a select 18% will go to our most demanding brands: Vicentín, Peris Gold and 18 Quilates.

These brands are intended for melons over 3 kilos, with sweet, dense and firm flesh. We achieve this level of quality thanks to a triple selection process that begins in the field and ends in the hands of the expert triadores at our production plant in Foios.

Our first gourmet melons of the season, the ones we are serving right now, come from Campo de Cartagena, where the sandy soils near the sea are ideal for their cultivation. Towards the end of July, we will add the piel de sapo melons from Castilla-La Mancha, which will ensure continuity in quality until the end of the season.

80 years of experience and dedication in melon growing

At Peris this year we are celebrating our 80th anniversary. Almost nothing!

In our family business, three generations have worked hard to perfect the cultivation of melons.
to perfect the cultivation of melons
which has made us specialists in this delicious fruit. In addition, we have also been involved for decades in other products such as watermelon, pumpkin and white celery. And always, always, always with quality as a hallmark.

In recent years, we have innovated by incorporating the pre-prepared convenience food range, offering our customers whole, halved and sliced melons and watermelons. In addition to other peeled and chopped fruits and vegetables that we serve in sustainable tubs.

This diversity requires total
total control of the product and the cold
something that at Peris is part of our daily routine.

20% of our melon production is destined for the fresh-cut range, while the remaining 80% is sold as a whole product, mainly in the Spanish market. We also export 10% to countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Belgium, where our quality is recognized and appreciated.

This summer, don’t miss the opportunity to try Peris gourmet melons. Our dedication and experience guarantee a product of exceptional flavor and texture. So, now you know, look for our Vicentín, Peris Gold and 18 Carat melons and enjoy the unique taste of Peris! You can also ask for it at your usual greengrocer’s, as we are present in the major food markets all over Spain.