Fresh-cut and pre-prepared convenience fruit and vegetables

Peeled and cut ready to eat

Wholesaler of prepared fruits and vegetables: selected, peeled, cut and ready to eat.

What is the fourth and fifth range?

The so-called fourth range products (IV range) are vegetables and fruits that have been processed, in our case, selected among the best pieces, sanitized, peeled, cut and served in a package where they are preserved with all their properties, thanks to a protective atmosphere.

Fourth range foods facilitate their consumption. If it is a vegetable, it is ready to be added to any recipe. If it is a fruit, it can be consumed anywhere and at any time, just by opening the package. They can also be used as ingredients for fruit salad recipes, mixing several tubs of seasonal fruits, or a delicious fruit salad with dried fruits and dried fruits.

The fifth range products (V range) have gone through the handling process of the fourth range, but a minimum of additional processing is added, such as roasting, in our case.

The objective remains to serve the consumer a ready-to-eat food. With convenience fruit, such as our roasted pumpkin, there is also room for customization, with dried fruit, honey, spices…

It is about offering a practical and convenient food, ready to eat, or to be an ingredient in a nutritious and delicious recipe. At Peris we are wholesalers of fourth and fifth range fruits and vegetables, which we market under two brands: Peris and Frutifresh.

Products IV and V range Vicente Peris. Pineapple, pumpkin, melon, mango, white celery, pomegranate.

Cleanroom, a space designed for food safety

Our clean room is a refrigerated area located inside our production plant in Albuixech (Valencia). This is where we work with fourth and fifth range products to ensure food safety at all times during the food handling process.

The clean room has nearly 1,000 square meters of technical space and is ISO 7 certified, making it a safe space. The temperature is kept constant at no more than 8ºC and the air is renewed about 200 times a day, by means of demanding filtering systems. The space also has sanitization mechanisms for both the surfaces and the machinery used.

Some of the processes are mechanized, although it is still necessary to supervise the eye and the good cutting of specialized operators.

The technicians who are in charge of working in the clean room are properly equipped with a specific uniform for this type of space, so that the handling of fruits and vegetables is 100% safe. Its access to the clean room is preceded by a protocol of previous steps so that no element from the outside can interfere with the hygiene with which they work in this space.

Fruit cutters working in the clean room are experts in peeling food, which helps reduce food waste.

Our ‘Commitment + Planet’ philosophy leads us to implement circular economy protocols to give a second life to the organic waste resulting from the handling of fruit and vegetables. These leftovers are destined to local livestock farms to serve as healthy feed for their animals.

Vicente Peris, clean room for fruit and vegetable processing, fresh-cut and pre-prepared convenience food.

Peris and Frutifresh pre-prepared convenience food products

At Peris we produce pre-prepared convenience food products in formats adapted to the needs of each customer, most of which are supermarkets that want to present a healthy and high quality ‘fast food’ option to their customers.

At Peris we can pack convenience foods in modified atmosphere containers or tubs of different capacities and weights. We also work with Gastronorm formats for HORECA customers, and we can even present products in vacuum bags. Our two brands of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are Peris and Frutifresh.

The products we currently have on the market are: sliced pineapple, sliced pineapple, pineapple spears, sliced melon, half melon, watermelon, mango, pomegranate, coconut, pumpkin, carrot sticks, spring onion and white celery, among others.

We also elaborate mixes or blends of fourth range fruits at the customer’s request. The packaging is made in 100% recyclable PET or PP containers, and compostable wooden cutlery is included inside the tubs.

Vicente Peris, fruits and vegetables IV and V range. Pineapple, carrots, fresh peas, pomegranate, coconut, lima beans, mango, pineapple, watermelon and pumpkin.

Peris and Frutifresh® convenience food products

Our star product in the fifth range is roasted pumpkin, served in portions and destined for supermarket shelves. We also serve roasted pumpkin in larger formats, aimed at other companies that use it as an ingredient for their elaborations.

In Peris we are specialists in pumpkin, so we have top quality product, which is what ensures that our roasted pumpkins are one of the best in the market of fifth range (V range).

For the roasting we use the roteña variety pumpkins, with a natural sweetness that makes it perfect to be consumed roasted.

The pumpkins are roasted in our state-of-the-art industrial ovens, where they will remain for two hours over low heat. During this time, the pumpkin caramelizes with its natural sugars and is perfect for consumption from the refrigerated package or after providing a touch of heat if we are at home and prefer to eat it hot.

Within the fifth range we also work with fruit-based preparations. Thanks to this type of elaborations we extend the life of the fruits and we obtain new and surprising flavors . Our prepared fruits maintain their nutritional qualities, practically as if they were freshly cut.

Products V range Vicente Peris. Roasted pumpkin, cut and packed.

Sustainable, recyclable and recycled packaging

Sustainability is part of our company philosophy, which is why our fourth and fifth range products are served in state-of-the-art packaging made of 100% recyclable PET and PP .

These packages have up to 70% recycled material in their manufacture and provide us, with their transparency and barrier effect, the necessary food protection to preserve the fruit in its protective atmosphere with all the guarantees.

We are always on the lookout for new sustainable packaging developments for the food industry. This has allowed us to improve the efficiency of our ancillary equipment over the years and will allow us to continue to do so in the future.

Vicente Peris packaging for fresh-cut and pre-prepared convenience fruit and vegetables. Recycled and sustainable.

Fruits and vegetables, the basis of a healthy diet

Fruits and vegetables are basic to maintaining a healthy diet. It is recommended to consume a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables per day to maintain a balanced diet, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Fruits provide a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, intrinsic sugars and fiber.

Our fourth and fifth range fruits and vegetables retain all these nutritional properties.

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