Interior and exterior view of the Vicente Peris melon processing plant in Cuiper (Valencia).

Peris’ natural evolution from fruit store to healthy eating specialist

In the last decade, Peris has maintained an enormous leap in the orientation of its business project. The evolution of society, markets and customer portfolios have defined new competitive paradigms and demands in product development and company management.

The growth of fresh-cut products is a clear demonstration of the changes that society is slowly but surely developing in its habits and customs. The fundamental changes began with the application of quality and food safety regulations that forced the entire sector to change procedures and implement strict controls over the production chain. This implied the entry into companies of new professional profiles associated with quality management.

New business requirements

At the same time, new commercial requirements (trade fairs, supermarket chains, HORECA clients, etc.) have led to the entry of commercial profiles responsible for energizing the company on all fronts, generating corporate and product brand value.

The facilities also maintain important investments as the fruit and vegetable warehouse has new objectives based on quality and commercial viability. The arguments focus on the properties of the products, their nutritional quality, origin, respect for the environment, waste control, and Peris finds itself in a new natural position, that of being a specialist in healthy food.

Selection of Vicentín brand melons.
Cutting of melon and watermelon Vicente Peris.

The differential value of PERIS products

Imagine holding a PERIS product in your hands. Whether it’s a melon, a watermelon, a pumpkin or a package of fresh-cut fruit, they all have one thing in common: high quality and a different approach to traditional agriculture.

Our crops focus on sustainable products, which have added value to the environment. We cultivate in a responsible manner, applying regulated standards through external certifications, such as GlobalG.A.P., which guarantee the rigor and responsibility that are an additional guest in each harvest.

We are an innovative agricultural company, because we use cutting-edge seeds and traditional seeds to obtain fruits that adapt to consumer demand and maintain their organoleptic qualities as an unquestionable priority.

We maintain a balance between care for nature, efficiency in the application of inputs and the use of sustainable cultivation techniques, which makes it possible that, year after year, our percentage of zero waste products is increasing.

Of course, we have certificates, which we periodically renew with the most demanding score. These certificates, such as GlobalG.A.P., IFS Food and ISO 14001, The quality of our products is guaranteed by our good agricultural and environmental management practices and is a guarantee for the entire consumption chain.

Mission, vision and values at Vicente Peris

Mission: To help consumers to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, providing products that can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time of the day.

Vision: To be a fresh and healthy fruit and vegetable company recognized by consumers and to create long-term value for the company, employees, collaborators and consumers.

Values: To champion the healthy diet revolution with a greater participation of fruit and vegetables. Promote its daily consumption within the parameters of social responsibility and respect for the environment. To popularize the consumption of fruit among more consumers, improving their quality of life and the pleasure of enjoying healthy and natural food.

Family enjoying at the Vicente Peris watermelon beach.

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