Choosing a watermelon is not an easy task, because any advice is relative, since different varieties change some of their characteristics. However, we are going to give you some keys that will help you in the selection of the best watermelon.
We have many years of experience in the production of watermelons, so you can trust what we are going to tell you below.
so you can trust what we are going to tell you below.

In the market we can find two types of watermelon: black and striped. And his personality is different.

Black watermelon tends to have a little more sweetness and water.

Striped watermelon tends to have more rind, a more consistent flesh, with less water. It is perfect if you like a crunchier texture.


What should you look for when choosing a good watermelon?

The shape of the watermelon is important

The rounder the better. If it has protuberances, these may indicate that its evolution in the crop has not been entirely correct and that it may have deficiencies, both in color and in sweetness and flavor.

The weight of the watermelon, a fact to take into account.

It is best to choose a watermelon with a balanced weight. What do we mean? So that when you take it in your hands its weight corresponds to its volume. Feel it. When holding it, try to perceive if it is full, consistent. Help yourself by tapping on it. If you feel a firm goal, it is a good sign.

Look for a yellow coloration on the belly.

That yellow spot so characteristic of watermelons and melons indicates the area that has been in contact with the soil during growth and also that it is ripe.

If you prefer to buy the watermelon already cut in halves or quarters, keep the following in mind when choosing it.


  • Choose the one with the most vivid and uniform red coloration.
  • Observe the seminal cavity, the less hollow in them the better, although this is not a certain science, as it sometimes depends on the variety.

Choose halves of watermelon and melon that are refrigerated. If they are not, you can put your food safety at risk.

At Peris, the selection process begins in the field. Afterwards, and with the watermelons in our facilities, we select again the best pieces to determine the different qualities, which range from gourmet quality(‘Vicentín’ watermelons) to premium quality ( ‘Peris Dolce’ watermelons).

Either way, with a Peris watermelon, you can’t go wrong.