Oh, Christmas… A time when gathering around a table full of delicacies is common. So is it to lose sight of our good eating habits.

There are the family meals, but also with friends, with your work colleagues… And if you are lucky, you will also get a great Christmas box full of… sausages, nougat, marzipan... If we scanned the food in the Christmas boxes with one of the trendy apps that tell you if a food is healthy or the opposite, the app would be close to explosion.

And yes, we put all that in the body….

As much as we are aware and during the year we are good boys and good girls, it is really difficult to escape from any excess during the holiday season. So introducing foods that help us to reduce physical and mental weight (because the bad conscience also weighs), will undoubtedly be a success.

Fruit and vegetables, present in your Christmas menus

Our advice is that fruit and vegetables should have an equal presence on the table, together with seafood, Iberian cured meats or prime steaks.

A starter that is a
delicious pumpkin cream is a great idea
is a great idea, as well as a side dish with steamed vegetables, to give two simple, healthy and delicious examples.

Fruit, as the culmination of a big meal, is undoubtedly a smart choice.

Melon is one of the best fruits to accompany us at Christmas. And not just any melon. Because if at Christmas we are more demanding with the quality of the food we choose, it would also be desirable to be more demanding with fruit. Because the great fruit selection provides a magnificent experience for the most demanding palates.

Vicentín’, the 5-star melon


That is why, for us, melon experts, the ideal melon for these dates can only have one name, ‘Vicentín’.

Its texture, tender but firm.
Its natural sweetness, with high brix degrees.
Its coloring, with that ivory tone.
Its juiciness

All these characteristics are the result of a careful selection of varieties, the choice of the best seeds, a lot of technical knowledge of their cultivation and a total respect for the growth phases of the plant, which is the one that marks the times. With ‘Vicentín’ there is no early harvesting because the market is tight. With ‘Vicentín’ the harvest arrives when the melon indicates it. And ‘Vicentín’ arrives at the best greengrocers when it is at its best. Neither before nor after.

And if you’re thinking… But is winter melon season? Certainly not in Spain. We grow our winterVicentines in Brazil, where the best imported melons come from. There we have the best producers who apply the agricultural guidelines required by Peris, fundamental aspects that we have been working on for more than 70 years.

Melon is a source of vitamin C and has a high water content, which will help to purify the body after a big meal. In addition, thanks to its natural sweetness you can get a carambola, that your body gets from the melon that little bit of sweetness that you may want after a meal, and thus save you a piece of nougat or a polvorón.

Pineapple, another great fruit to reduce heavy meals.


If in addition to melon you want to incorporate another fruit that is ideal for reducing heavy meals, pineapple is another perfect option.

It is also a source of vitamin C, like melon, and is also a source of manganese. Its bromelain content helps with the digestion of meats and protein-rich foods.

Pineapple is refreshing and, if you know how to choose it, also very sweet. At Peris we prepare natural pineapple sliced, chopped and in spears. Three very convenient formats that will allow you to assemble a fruit platter that will be very difficult to resist.

Again, as with melon, the pineapple is one of the secrets of success. Ours, which you will find under the Frutifresh or Peris brand, is selected by the hands of our best experts.

Where to find Peris fruits and vegetables

Our products can be found in supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés, Consum or Alcampo, among others. And also in the best greengrocers in your city. If you always go to the same store, you can ask for our products to your trusted greengrocer, since we are present in the large food markets and it will be very easy for him to access our products.

To make it even easier for you to buy our star product, the Vicentín melons, we have an online store that allows your Vicentín melon to arrive at your home without shipping costs.

If you have any questions about sales points of Peris or Frutifresh products, you can also write to us at


and we will be happy to help you.

It only remains for us to wish you a happy and healthy holiday feast.

Merry Christmas from all the Peris team.