Any of our Peris brand products, including fruit, can be the ingredient that makes the difference in your recipes. And what’s more, many of them will make your day-to-day life easier, since you will find them ready to cook, or at least to give them the last touch in the kitchen. This is the case of julienned spring onion, peeled and chopped pumpkin, shelled beans and peasor all our Frutifresh prepared fruits, among many other products we work with and which we pamper throughout the cultivation process and work in the plant.

Whether you are a cook or you just want to defend yourself, we have a proposal that you will surely like. The chef Lluís Penyafort is going to use several of our products to make very interesting recipes in several programs of the space ‘Terra Viva’, which is broadcasted in À Punt, from Monday to Friday, from 13 to 14 hours.

You can watch it live here

Take your agenda and make a note, so you don’t miss a single one!

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Recipe of pork secret with curry sauce with pineapple chunks and Peris melon.

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Recipe of lamb couscous with Peris pumpkin and zucchini.

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Recipe of sautéed Peris pumpkin with rosemary, accompanying a piece of cod confit.

Fresh and packaged fruits and vegetables Vicente Peris

Fresh and packaged fruits and vegetables Vicente Peris

These will be the first recipes, but there will be many more in the coming weeks‘ programs. Lluís Penyafort is already scheming how to surprise you with his gastronomic creations, which are also economical and easy to prepare, especially if you have the help of our ready-to-cook healthy products.

Benefits of cooking with fruits

In Lluís’ recipes we will see how to make the most of fruits. Are you one of those who associate fruit to dessert, a cake or, as a maximum innovation, add it to a salad? You don’t know what you’re missing! So we propose you to change the chip at once!

Including fruits in savory dishes is a winning option, because that contrast of flavors always surprises, and for the better.

A watermelon or mango gazpacho, a garnish of pickled melon, a wok with pineapple chunks… There are many options and Lluís will surely open our eyes to many more.

For the time being, in case you have the itch and feel like experimenting, we give you access to our two recipe websites:

Recipes with Melon, by Peris.

Recipes with Pumpkin (which is also a fruit), by Peris.

In these web pages we have compiled those that we, great connoisseurs of these magnificent fruits, have considered the most interesting.

And as a last and very important tip. Also for your recipes with fruit, choose high quality fruits. The final result of your dish will depend on its flavor, ripeness, juiciness and texture. If you do not want to fail, you already know that with any of our Peris fruits, in whole pieces, halves or peeled fruit and in Frutifresh tubs, you have total guarantee.