We are often asked on social networks about the use of PET in our IV Range products and the explanation is very simple: at the moment there is no better material.
We use PET and Polypropylene tubs for different reasons:
– Food guarantee: containers made with both materials offer very high food preservation and hygiene conditions, for an affordable price. There are alternatives such as glass, but they present safety risks, higher cost and higher transportation costs.
– Recycling: our tubs should be placed in the yellow container after use. In theory, these materials are separated and prepared to be re-molded to generate new containers.
– Recycled origin: our PET tubs are made from 70% recycled materials. Some of it comes from recycling plants and some from waste from the manufacturing processes themselves.
– Thermosealing: fresh fruits breathe and generate gases. In these trays we can modify the composition of the atmosphere and thermoseal it with film that allows the exchange of gases with the outside. We call it slowing down fruit metabolism.
– Transparency: PET has an undoubted transparency factor that allows consumers to see what they are going to buy.
Other materials such as PLA are in our labs with weekly tests, but they are still too expensive or do not have the technical qualities to cover 100% of processing. Even so, we continue to test all new developments and materials and when a better alternative emerges, we will apply it without hesitation.