Although the watermelon campaign of origin Spain ended weeks ago in the fields of Castilla-La Mancha, in VICENTE PERIS we still have units available thanks to a careful planning. In fact, at PERIS we are one of the few suppliers, specialists in fruits and vegetables, that still have gourmet quality national seedless watermelon in our warehouses. Thanks to this, we can attend both the orders of I Range of watermelon ‘Peris Dolce’, as well as the elaborations of IV Range of peeled and cut watermelon ‘Frutifresh’, which we carry out in the last generation clean room of Albuixech.

The availability ofSpanish seedless watermelon is the result of a careful organization of the planting calendar, which has been managed by our field technicians. In this way, we get the most out of the good weather that usually leaves us the beginning of autumn, before the drop in temperatures.

According to our sales department’s estimates, we will have premium quality, seedless, striped watermelon of the ‘Peris Dolce’ brand for two more weeks. Lead times may vary depending on the pace of orders, which is linked to the high temperatures of this anomalous beginning of autumn, which invites to continue enjoying this delicious and healthy fruit. In fact, at this time of the year, the demand for watermelon is still high, both in greengrocers and supermarkets.

Vicente Peris, a company with high logistic capacity for fruit and vegetable shipments throughout Spain

Thanks to the fact that we are a fruit and vegetable producer with our own distribution and logistics network, PERIS can ship any order within 24-48 hours throughout Spain, as long as we have stock in our warehouses in Albuixech and Foios, in the heart of the Huerta de Valencia.

In this way, we ensure that our customers receive the product in the shortest possible time. In addition, we carry out the transfers with the same care that we put in the cultivation, so that the fruits and vegetables arrive in perfect state of preservation. In the case of products that require refrigeration, as is the case with all fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, the cold chain is not broken. The temperature is controlled from the moment the product enters our facilities, where we select the fruit according to its state of maturity at reception, we store it at controlled temperature, and once it is ready for processing we sanitize, peel and cut it to re-select each of the pieces of fruit and/or vegetables that will end up being packaged, and finally deposited in the refrigerators of our customers.

The commitment that we have from VICENTE PERIS with our customers is to have watermelons all year round, so that in the coming weeks we will be giving entry to product with other origins,whose quality we control in the same way at all points of the process, waiting for the golden season of watermelon in Spain.