Pumpkin is at its best these months. It is perfect to be consumed in a thousand ways, because it is a versatile ingredient that can be used in multiple recipes.

Pumpkin cream is a classic, and is the most popular pumpkin recipe. But there is life beyond these delicious creams. In fact, in stews and even raw, as an ingredient in your salads, it is delicious.

With a few guidelines to know the different ways to cook with pumpkin
different ways of cooking with pumpkin
With a few guidelines to know the different ways to cook with pumpkin, you will open a world of possibilities that will enrich your creativity in the kitchen and you will see new possibilities to this wonderful food.

And as everything in this life, quality will be an important element in the final result of your recipes. If it is something we take into account in ingredients such as meat, fish, seafood or sausages, it should also be an important factor when choosing our fruits and vegetables.

The appearance, the taste, the texture, the aromas of a good pumpkin, melon, tomato, celery, onion, etc., we assure you that they are far away from a pumpkin, melon, tomato, celery, onion, etc. of the bunch. And I’m sure you’ve had a chance to check it out more than once.


Choose a quality pumpkin, above all else.

And you say, how do I know when a pumpkin is a quality pumpkin? Great question.

In appearance all pumpkins look the same, but there are certain traits that can give us some clues when choosing a good pumpkin.

The first thing we are going to do is to tell you something that may sound ‘interested’, but that has a reason to be and that is that all our work is based on quality: the choice of the best varieties, the careful cultivation processes, the decision of the best moment for cutting, the treatment we give to the products once harvested so as not to reduce their organoleptic properties or put at risk food safety

So you can imagine that any whole pumpkin (also called I range) with the Peris label or any package of peeled and sliced pumpkin(also called IV range) with the Frutifresh label, is a quality pumpkin.

So if you want to save yourself the analysis to determine if the pumpkin you will take home is suitable for you, you should definitely
choosing one of our Peris or Frutifresh pumpkins would be our best
would be our best advice. Our pumpkins can be found in the supermarkets of El Corte Inglés, AlCampo and in many selected fruit stores in central or neighborhood markets.


If you don’t have a point of sale like the ones mentioned above or you want to choose among other options, here are some keys so that you don’t fail in choosing a pumpkin.

  • Note the skin of the pumpkin. It must be perfect and free of wounds.
  • The size of the pumpkins may vary, but what should not vary is the balance between size and weight. If it is large, it must be heavy. If it does not weigh according to its size, you may be in for a surprise when you open it.
  • If you buy the pumpkin already chopped, which is a very convenient option, pay attention to the coloring. It should be bright orange and, of course, refrigerated.

If you want to know more, take a look at this article about
how to choose a good pumpkin and how to peel it easily
where at the end of the text you will find a very illustrative video.

Pumpkin, a blend of tradition and innovation

Not so long ago, pumpkin was mainly used to feed livestock. Those horses and cows certainly lived very well….

Much has happened since then and the agricultural sector has evolved enormously. In fact, this sector is one of the most innovative, although in the global imagination agriculture is thought of as a purely traditional sector.

Thanks to the dynamism of the agri-food sector and the technicians and specialists who work in it, pumpkin, and many other foods, have evolved in varieties and quality to adapt to consumer tastes and become a staple in our shopping basket.

Fresh pumpkin year-round vs. old pumpkins


In Peris we like that balance between evolution and tradition and we try to take the best of both worlds, for that reason, in our pumpkin productions we have pumpkins of traditional varieties. Seeds that come from long ago, with high quality fruits, which we select after each harvest to replant them the next season.

We make no bones about it, for us,
as producers and marketers, pumpkin is one of our favorite products, that’s why we have it available all year round and always with the highest quality, because our pumpkin is always fresh.
That is why we have it available all year round and always with the highest quality, because our pumpkin is always fresh.

This ‘always fresh’ is important. In the market, out of season, we find pumpkins that are stored with the objective of selling them in the spring and summer months, when the domestic season is already over. These so-called ‘old’ pumpkins usually present dehydration problems, so that their quality is compromised.

In our case, out of season, we have imported pumpkins, so our product is always fresh. Because if it’s not fresh, it’s not Peris .