Food safety and the improvement of our internal processes keep us very active and always on the lookout for improvement opportunities.

That’s why we didn’t hesitate for a moment when we heard about GlobalG.A.P.’s new Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, which is barely a year old. So we took the necessary steps and recently passed the audit that has earned us this demanding certification.

The truth is that we have long wanted to certify our fresh-cut processing center, since it is an activity that distinguishes us in the sector and in which we have made a significant investment in equipment, technology and personnel training.

This new certificate covers the processes of peeling, slicing and packaging of fruits and vegetables, that is, all the processing work we do in our fresh-cut division. In this way, we certify the freshness and safety of our products from the raw material to the final consumer.

With this certification, we have been able to extend the scope of the GlobalG.A.P. brand to our entire line of fresh-cut products, which strengthens our position in the processed fruit and vegetable market.

The implementation of GlobalG.A.P.’s Chain of Custody version 6.1 is in addition to the procedures already audited in agricultural work in the field. This assures our customers that all processes, from field production to final packaging, meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Outstanding producers in the fresh-cut fruit and vegetable sector

Pre-prepared convenience food represents 46% of our total sales and is a fundamental part of the product portfolio we work with at Peris. In fact, we have more than 70 product references under the brands Peris, Frutifresh and MDD (private label), and we are able to adapt cuts and formats to our customers’ requests.

In addition to the technification of our work processes, the quality of the raw material is a key factor in our trajectory, and one of the many reasons why supermarkets all over Spain choose our fresh-cut products.

Now, with GlobalG.A.P.’s Chain of Custody, we offer our customers yet another guarantee: the reliability that our work processes meet the most rigorous quality and safety standards, from the field to the table.

And it doesn’t stop there! Our commitment to continuous improvement will allow us to continue taking important steps that we will keep you informed about.