Peanut squash has an infinite number of uses in both savory and sweet dishes. It is a delicacy worthy of even the most demanding palates! Roasted, in rice dishes, as a dressing for pasta, in cream, in stews or on its own: the possibilities are so many and so exquisite that it is not surprising that it has already become one of the most sought-after foods by lovers of good gastronomy.

At Vicente Peris we have pumpkins all year round!

It is associated with autumn and winter, but in the Peris catalog we have pumpkin all year round. In the domestic and off-season crops that we manage together with expert growers, we always have pumpkins of the varieties Cacahuete tradicional and hybrid, Carruécano and Roteña valenciana.

We market our products in the food industry and on the distribution shelves, so you can find them in a large number of establishments throughout the country. We are very close to the lovers of national and quality fruit and vegetables!

At Peris we have a great prestige among pumpkin professionals thanks, in part, to our eagerness to recover the original Cacahuete variety. It is very rich in flavor, color and sweetness, and its fine and fragrant pulp makes it perfect for a large number of sweet and savory dishes.

In addition, we never cease in our quest to find the perfect sweet pumpkin with the Valencian Roteña. With it, we make our V Range elaborations. Peris’ V Gama de Peris roasted fruit maintains the tradition of roasted fruit and vegetables used to prepare desserts, soups and an infinite number of high quality dishes.

Offer your customers the best pumpkins!

If you want your customers to be completely satisfied with your fruits and vegetables, and especially with the pumpkins you offer them, include Peris products in your stores, including whole, sliced or roasted pumpkin. They’ll be back for more! In addition, we give you the possibility to include freshly cut and washed pieces, perfect to eat at any time, packaged in 100% recyclable PET tubs.

Call us and get information with no obligation: +34 961 491 106. We are waiting for you at Vicente Peris with the best fruit and vegetables!