If we at Vicente Peris had a table of the 10 commandments, the first of them would undoubtedly be to ensure food safety. It is, together with the highest product quality, our healthy obsession.

So you will understand our great satisfaction at having recently renewed the IFS Food 6.1 certifications of our two production plants, the one in Foios, where we work with I range products (piel de sapo melons, watermelon, white celery, pumpkin and spring onion); and the one in Albuixech, where we prepare all IV range products (peeled and cut fruit and vegetables, ready to eat or cook) and V range (baked pumpkin and apple).

The joy is also twofold, because the score obtained in both centers exceeds 98.9% compliance with the requirements of the standard, i.e. the highest possible range.

Obtaining the certifications that ensure the correct traceability of the product and food safety is a rather complex process for any company, which requires the implementation of millimetric work systems. Maintaining them remains just as laborious, because these accreditations do not last forever and audits are recurrent and very demanding. This is the only way to ensure that processes continue to perform as per your strict quality standards.

So, on a daily basis, we follow strict work protocols that begin in the fields, continue during the harvesting process and transport to the plant, and remain firm during the time the product is in our production centers, where we prepare it to arrive in outstanding conditions to the food markets, greengrocers and supermarket shelves all over Spain.

And what are the benefits from these quality certifications? consumers and distributors?

Security. Security at all levels. And in the food industry, there is never too much of it.

From the companies we are very clear that the final consumer lacks a lot of information about the existence of these certifications or what regulates each one of them. And it is normal, because there are many with names that are not easy to retain.

However, those who are perfectly aware of these certifications and value them in their right measure are the people in charge of purchasing at food markets, supermarkets and the fruit sellers themselves, who look for companies such as Vicente Peris to purchase the products they will later distribute. Thanks to the certifications, they know that the work carried out is exquisite, both in the crops and in the production plants. And this is the best guarantee to ensure the quality and safety of the product for which they are going to face the end customer.

In Vicente Peris we are very clear about these maxims, that is why we have the most demanding certificates in the field of production and management of products in the agri-food sector. We present them to you 😉

  • Global GAP certification for our crops, which ensures food safety and traceability.
  • Chain of Custody Certificate (CoC, GLOBALG.A.P.), which allows us to market different GlobalGAP certified products.
  • IFS Food 6.1 certificate, with which we certify the food safety and quality of our products and processes.
  • Organic Certificate issued by the Organic Food Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV), which allows us to work all production processes with organic products.

  • Innovative SME Seal
    which accredits the development of R&D&I activities, receiving public funding for this purpose, which allows the creation of innovative products, new methods or processes that represent a technological leap in the sector.

Certified food safety logos

This list will soon be extended, as this year we plan to incorporate the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management, because caring for the environment is another of our motivations in our daily work. And as soon as we have it, we’ll let you know 😉