We are an agri-food company and this obliges us to make excellence not only an objective, but a daily requirement. These are not empty words, in fact, we occasionally undergo audits so that external agents, external to the company, look at us with a magnifying glass to certify that the work processes that we carry out in Peris are outstanding.

And we are delighted to share with you that we have passed two rigorous audits to renew our IFS Food 6.1 (International Featured Standard) certification in the two divisions of our company: fresh-cut and pre-prepared convenience food.

IFS certification is a globally recognized standard that assesses and guarantees food safety and product quality. At Peris we incorporated it more than 10 years ago, and not only do we continue to renew it successfully, but we do it with the best grade, which implies an achievement of objectives above 95%.

This is possible thanks to a daily commitment to quality and safety at every stage of our production process, incorporating annual objectives to make ever greater progress.

During 2023, we have performed more than 100 analyses, all with excellent results. There have been several analyses to control the presence in the raw material of chemical residues from field crop management.
crop handling in the field, microbiological
microbiological analyses of irrigation water, processing and packaging surfaces, and finished product ready for consumption. At Peris, nothing is left to chance.

Food safety: a fundamental pillar of our work

Every step we take, from the selection of raw materials to the final presentation, is subject to strict controls to ensure maximum quality and food safety. This traceability allows us to offer a guarantee to our customers.

In this line of work, the IFS Food 6.1 certificates we have validate us from the outside, and this is something that supermarket purchasing managers and food market professionals value highly in an agri-food company. For them, it is an assurance that things are done well at Peris and offers them a guarantee of both the work processes and our products.

Teamwork, the basis of everything

Behind every Peris or Frutifresh product , our pre-prepared convenience food brand, there is a lot of innovation, sustainability and technology, but above all there is a dedicated team and a work philosophy that always seeks to exceed expectations.

Our achievement as a company is a reflection of the collective effort that starts with the Quality and Management department and involves all members of the staff. To all.

We will continue to move forward, exceeding standards, innovating and providing confidence to those who choose our products. Our commitment is firm: to offer the best, always.