The PERIS fresh-cut line is witnessing the presentation of a new long-awaited protagonist: Melon with Ham. It is one of the most popular and healthiest pairs of our gastronomy, ready to conquer the “Ready to Eat” product line. Our delicious and refreshing piel de sapo melon accompanied by Serrano ham (PGI) cured for 12 months to achieve its delicious balance of salt and maturation. We have combined both products in a separate 100% recyclable RPET thermosealed jar to maintain the qualities of both foods. A PERIS proposal to everyone’s taste with 7 days of shelf life to preserve the qualities of the melon and its sweet and delicate natural flavor. Initially it will be available on the shelves of El Corte Inglés under the PERIS brand and in Alcampo under the FRUTIFRESH brand, although as the summer progresses it will be available in other leading retail chains.