Conformity is not in our DNA, so we are always looking to improve the products we put on the market and their manufacturing processes. This is exactly what we have done with the ‘Melon with Serrano Ham’, one of our
pre-prepared convenience food products
which can be found in various supermarkets in Spain under two brands, Peris and Frutifresh.

The new features of this product as of December are diverse. On the one hand, the ham is produced by La Selva, one of the best charcuterie companies in Spain, which assures the high quality of its Serrano hams, with Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG). For our new ‘Melon with Serrano Ham’, we only use pieces that have been cured for more than 12 months, which offer tender and juicy slices. Its presentation is also innovative, as the ham is arranged in the form of 6 rolls, a traditional presentation that facilitates its consumption.

As for the melon, we only work with the variety
piel de sapo
This is the one that gives us the characteristics we are looking for: sweetness, softness and optimal texture. The melons are selected by our specialists, who choose the pieces that are at their optimum ripeness. The melons are then manually peeled and cut into wedges in our clean room, a space optimized in terms of hygiene and temperature, which allows us to work with the certainty that the fruit will be kept in perfect condition.

Sustainable and recyclable container

The container containing the ‘Melon with Serrano Ham’ has a design that allows the two ingredients to be separated. A heat-sealed seal is used to preserve the qualities of the melon and ham in perfect condition. In this way, when they are to be consumed, their appearance and flavor will be as if they had just been cut. Furthermore, in line with our sustainability policy, the container is made of 100% recyclable RPET, which contributes to the circular economy.

At Vicente Peris we have been marketing this fresh-cut product for nearly a year, offering a delicious snack to be eaten as a picnic, or to assemble a dish at home to serve as an appetizer or even as a unique dish. And it is indisputable that, if there is a popular recipe that has melon as the protagonist, this is melon with ham. It is also a winning pairing, since the sweetness of the melon and its juiciness contrast with the salty touch of the Serrano ham and its creamy texture. A couple of ingredients that separately are great, but together are sublime.