Frutear is a new concept that stars in our advertising campaign this summer.

Talk about eating fruit. What’s more, he talks about enjoying the quintessential summer fruits: melon and watermelon.

With a catchy song, we have launched the video ‘Frutea tu verano con Peris’, launching a very direct message, especially to the young public, which according to studies is the most stubborn when it comes to consuming fruit, particularly melon.

This summer campaign, associated with our Peris Dolce melon and watermelon brands, has the objective of supporting the promotion and boosting the sales of greengrocers who have bet one more year to bring to their counters quality melons and watermelons, or what is the same, Peris melons and watermelons.

The campaign will be broadcasted during the summer months on À Punt and TV3, in prime time slots. In addition, there will also be an online marketing campaign on YouTube.

For the points of sale we have designed signage, so that the message ‘Frutea con Peris’ reaches your customers even more directly.

You can download the ‘Frutea con Peris’ poster here.

The television campaign will also broadcast the promotional video of Vicentín melons, our gourmet melon, which this year has renewed the image of its label. The fallero child has gone from photo to illustration and we have given him life to take him to the Huerta de Valencia, a very special place for Peris, because here we were born as a company almost 80 years ago and here we continue.

If you are interested in having Vicentín’s poster, you can download them here:

Melon Vicentín poster.
Watermelon Vicentín poster.

Good summer to all and have a great time!