The gastronomic contest of the most differential recipe of l’Horta Nord, the bull liver rice “Fetge de Bou”, so typical and different, is already underway. It is a viscera rice, where traditionally the liver was used, as well as the heart, lungs and lungs of beef. It is a rice to be eaten hot and its preparation was a moment of union in the villages made possible by the abundant presence of livestock for agricultural work. PERIS will be with the organizing team to support and tell you what happens.

Also noteworthy is the use in the desserts of the “Cacau del Collaret” contest, a variety of peanut also very typical of the Valencian orchard that is at risk of disappearing due to competition from other origins.

On February 25 is the professional contest, but there are other events that give value and importance to this recipe summary of a stage of history and tradition of Valencian agriculture.