Every year counts, that’s just the way it is. But it is also true that some anniversaries are more remarkable than others, and round numbers are a good reason to celebrate another year.

In our case, this year we are celebrating because we have reached 80 years of experience in the agri-food sector.

80 years in which three generations of the family have passed through the company, through Peris:

Vicente Peris, founder and manager from 1944 to 1985 who bravely started the family business, with a maxim that we have maintained and will always be our beacon: quality above all else.

Rosa Peris, daughter of the founder and manager from 1986 to 2018. He took over the management after the unexpected death of his brother, Vicentín, who was called to be the successor. Rosa strengthened the company and consolidated commercial networks at a time when being a woman and a manager was not at all common, and even less so in the agricultural sector.

Alberto Montaña
grandson of the founder and current director of the company. It has been able to adapt the company’s activity to the current market demands, and has expanded the business lines, incorporating to the traditional I range, the work in the IV range and V range of fruits and vegetables.

What has not changed has been the lighthouse: service and quality remain above all else.

Events celebrating the 80th anniversary of Vicente Peris

So many years and so many achievements have also had other protagonists. The team has been a fundamental part of these eight decades. That is why, on this anniversary, we want them, the workers, to be the main protagonists. With this objective, we will give them a voice in our social networks, so that they can tell us about their trajectory and vision of the company.

We are also working on recovering old photos that speak of our history, so closely linked to the Huerta de Valencia, to l’Horta. Images as special as the one at the top of this text, from 1967, in the middle of the watermelon campaign.

Opening our doors is another of this year’s objectives. Throughout the year we will welcome associations and student groups who want to know what Peris is like from the inside. To show you how much technology, innovation and safety are implemented in all our work processes. So that they know everything there is behind a Vicentín melon or a package of Frutifresh pineapple chunks. If you belong to an association or group and would like to visit us, you can write to us at

Social networks will be the channel in which our anniversary will have outstanding visibility. We have created a corporate identity that we will keep visible in all the publications of this 2024 and during the year we will organize a great raffle that we recommend you not to miss, so here we leave you the access to our three social networks, so you have no excuse 😉

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We hope to continue to add a lot of value in the coming years and that our products (melons, watermelons, pumpkins, white celery, etc.) and work processes will continue to stand out in the market for their quality and level of demand.

And to you who read us, thank you for following us on this blog and on our social networks. Thank you for choosing our products. Thank you for connecting with our story. We continue! And we hope it will be for at least another 80 years.