Hands up those who eat 3 pieces of fruit a day! If you have raised your hand, we congratulate you for two reasons, because you are eating the daily fruit ration recommended by the Ministry of Health(three pieces of fruit a day of between 120 and 200 grams) and because you are above the average fruit consumption in Spain.

The reasons why we do not reach the recommended consumption are diverse, according to different studies and expert analysis. For example, for Manuel Moñino, head of the scientific committee of the association “5 a day” and researcher at the Center for Biomedical Research Network (CIBEROBN), there is a high percentage of people who have eliminated fruit as a dessert because miracle diets have spread the hoax that it is fattening.

Another study published in Nutrition Reviews, an academic journal of Oxford University Press, identifies several factors contributing to this shortfall in both fruit and vegetable consumption, and these are inconvenience, preparation time and affordability.

At Peris we have been working as producers and distributors of fruit and vegetables since 1944, so we know this reality very well. From our fields and production plants, many kilos of fresh-cut fruits (whole, unprocessed pieces) of melons, watermelons and pumpkins, among others, are shipped daily. But we are aware that there is a sector of consumers who ask for more convenient formats, which allow them to consume fruits and vegetables in a faster and simpler way, without that meaning that there is a loss of product quality, obviously.

Peeling, cutting and manual packaging of natural fruit

Peeling, cutting and manual packaging of natural fruit

For this reason, one of our objectives is also to make fruit consumption more convenient, both at home and outside the home. And for this reason we started working on the so-called pre-prepared convenience food seven years ago, to bring to the consumer fruits that can be a little more difficult to prepare(pineapple, watermelon, melon, pomegranate, mango, coconut…) in a perfect format for convenient consumption: peeled and sliced, or in the case of pomegranate, shelled. We perform this work every day with all the care and professionalism, which allows us to present our peeled and cut fruit in formats for individual consumption, as a snack, or even for families, with packages of up to 400 grams of ready-to-eat fruit. Our fresh-cut products are marketed under two brands: ‘Peris’ and‘Frutifresh‘.

Constant innovation in the fresh cut range, because there is always room for improvement.

Every day we rethink things. Absolutely every day. Can we further improve the products we prepare? We can say that every year we achieve various improvements and innovations, some of which may not seem like much, but in fact they are not, because innovation is also present in the smallest details.

One of the latest novelties we have worked with El Corte Inglés, which has asked us for a new cut for fresh pineapple, a product that we usually find in sliced cylinders, a format that we also work with at Peris. In this case, a different cut was sought, one that would be even more convenient to consume, both at home and outdoors, as a way of snack or if we go on a picnic. And that has translated into pineapple on spears or sticks.. Instead of cutting it horizontally, obtaining slices, we have cut it vertically, which allows a change in the consumption mode.

Natural pineapple, peeled, cut and packed.

Natural pineapple, peeled, cut and packed.

In addition to the convenience of the way of consuming the prepared fruit, it is always at the right point of ripeness, juiciness, sweetness and freshness. Continuing with the example of pineapple, choosing a mature piece in the store is a lottery. In our case, each pineapple that we select to turn into peeled and cut pineapple is at its best.. Another aspect to consider is that with pre-prepared convenience food we buy the amount we need and the waste generated is minimal, something that does not usually happen if we peel the whole pineapple at home and we do not have much practice at it.

With prepared fruit you will eat 40% more

Do you consider that you do not eat the recommended amount of fruit per day? If served peeled and chopped, would you consume more of it? If the answer is yes, you should change the habit of consumption and opt for peeled and chopped fruit. In fact, in Peris we have tested that the consumption of fruit increases around 40% when we find it prepared and ready to eat.

In addition, in the work processes we carry out in Peris with fruit destined for the fresh-cut range, we take the utmost care of hygiene and food safety. For this purpose, we have a special area called clean room, where temperature and humidity are constantly controlled, which also ensures that the fruit will maintain its freshness and nutritional value even when peeled and cut. Our careful packaging system reinforces these characteristics, so that the fruit arrives to you as if we had just peeled and cut it for you.

If you want to know more about our selection of fresh-cut peeled fruits and vegetables, or where to buy them, do not hesitate to contact us. We answer all your questions at buzon@vicenteperis.com.