We love all the products that we work with at Peris, but perhaps the right eye is our piel de sapo melons. Not because they are better than watermelons, pumpkins or the rest of the fruits and vegetables we sell, but because melons were the first fruit we worked with and thanks to which we were born as a family business in 1944.
we were born as a family business in 1944.

The truth is that it is a fruit that continues to give us tremendous joy, because we have a loyal clientele for Peris piel de sapo melons under any of our brands, especially the most select ones: 18 carats, Vicentín and Peris Gold. And in addition to the loyal ones, there are also new consumers who discover us and ‘convert’.

And today we would like to talk about one of those joys, specifically about the
piel de sapo melons
that we marketed in Peris last 2021, specifically 6 million kilos within the range of premium and high quality melon, which is an outstanding volume for the sector of select piel de sapo melons. This has resulted in a 30% increase in sales compared to 2020.

At Peris we have the piel de sapo melon available all year round. During the domestic melon season, our crops are located in Almeria, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha, where we work with what we consider to be the best melon varieties right now: Cordial (Grand Prix), Mesura, Valderas, Gran Rivero, Quijote, Valdemar and Valverde, among others.

It was precisely melons from Spain that experienced the greatest growth in sales during 2021. They have been closely followed by melons from Brazil and Senegal, which we also market when in Spain, due to seasonality, it is impossible to grow them.


Peeled and sliced melon for the fresh-cut fruit market

Most Peris piel de sapo Peris melons are sold in whole pieces, however, there is also a percentage of units that we work with in pre-prepared convenience food, which in 2021 also increased their sales, specifically by 4%.

If you are wondering
what is pre-prepared convenience food
In the case of fruit, it is a handling process that allows it to be presented in formats that are considered more convenient for the consumer. In our case, we work with fresh-cut piel de sapo melon in two formats: in halves(shrink-wrapped melon) and peeled, sliced and served in sustainable tubs, under the brands Frutifresh and Peris. These formats can be found in different supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés, Alcampo or Consum.


The IV range work is carried out in our clean room.
clean room
a work space certified under the standards of the IFS Food version 7, with a rating of 98.25%.

In the clean room, the highest standards of hygiene and food handling are followed to ensure at all times that the cold chain is not broken or that there are no traces of other foods, among other aspects.

For us, food safety in the agri-food industry, and any industry that works with food, is fundamental and the clean room is a great example of how seriously we take it at Peris.


Zero residue melons Peris Nature

Among our brands of melons, we cannot forget about the
Peris Nature Zero Waste
which accounted for 15% of all the melons we marketed in 2021. Peris Nature, without being certified as organic melons, combines all their virtues.

The work to obtain this residue-free melon is carried out entirely in the crop by applying different sustainable cultivation techniques, such as providing soils with good biological conditions and reducing the application of synthetic products to a minimum, which, if necessary, are used through specific programs that allow selective application. This is a priority in the cultivation of melons, since it is a product that significantly depletes the resources of the land, and it is advisable to rotate crops. A final test guarantees and certifies the absence of 717 chemical residues.

For the cultivation of Peris Nature Zero Residue melons, a chemical and bacteriological analysis of the irrigation water has also been carried out. In this type of crop management, integrated pest management is carried out.

Our goal is to have an increasing percentage of our piel de sapo melon production within the zero residue selection. Along these lines, we are also working to incorporate the Peris Nature label to other products, such as watermelon and pumpkin, to promote increasingly sustainable farming processes.


Benefits of eating cantaloupe and recipes with cantaloupe

Finding a good melon like ours is a feast for any self-respecting taste buds, thanks to its tender yet crunchy texture, its vanilla aromas and its sweetness that makes us salivate…

But it is also very healthy, as melon is a fruit source of vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune and nervous systems. In addition, this vitamin also improves iron absorption, among other benefits.

Besides consuming it as it is, you can also prepare delicious recipes with melon, such as a
melon gazpacho
grilled melon
or even a
melon sponge cake
. These recipes, and many more, can be found on our melon recipes page.
recipes with melon.

Bon profit!