A few weeks ago we received the visit of a team from the television program Terra Viva, which is broadcasted on À Punt, the regional television of the Valencian Community. They were interested in learning about our system of working with traditional varieties of pumpkin, which are in the minority and yet are exceptional in all their organoleptic characteristics, i.e. magnificent coloration, flavor, texture… In conclusion, some pumpkins that you can’t stop enjoying and licking your lips.

In the video that accompanies this article you will see how we select the traditional variety seeds, how we study their germination capacity and how, finally, we take them to the field, so that the expert hands of the farmers we work with can make them grow healthy, at the pace set by the sun and the mild temperatures of the Mediterranean spring. Finally, we will also visit our plant in Foios, where the pumpkins arrive harvested at their optimum moment and ready to be delivered to the stores and, therefore, to you.

If you like pumpkin as much as we do, you can visit our website
Pumpkin Recipes
where you will get lots of ideas to try the different types of pumpkin (peanut, carruecano and roteña) in many different ways. Because there is life beyond vegetable cream!

In Vicente Peris we are producers of pumpkin and we have it all year round. We work with different types, the peanut, which is the most widespread; the roteña, wonderful to roast in the oven and eat as a dessert or snack; and the carruécano, of which we are specialists and there are very few producers in Spain. In addition, since we have a
fresh-cut plant
we can serve it in different formats, not only as whole pieces. In this way, we facilitate its use based on the needs of each type of customer, or each recipe to be elaborated.

These are all the options we offer to our direct customers, which are supermarkets and food markets looking for the highest quality in the products they purchase:

– Peanut squash box sizes 6, 8 and 10 (I range)
– Traditional pumpkin box caliber 6, 8 and 10 (I range)
– Pumpkin roteña box 6, 8 pieces (I range)
– Pumpkin carruecano palot (I range)
– Laminated pumpkin (IV range)
– Cut pumpkin (IV range)
– Chopped organic pumpkin (pre-prepared convenience food)
– Roasted pumpkin (V range)

The world of pumpkin production is wide and we love to work it with detail and care, as shown in the report À Punt.
À Punt report.