Fruit Attraction is a revolution. It takes us completely out of our environment (the orchard and production centers) and allows us to spend three days reconnecting with customers and suppliers and connecting with new supermarkets and greengrocers who want to incorporate our products to their counters and shelves.

This is the 12th edition we have attended, as it is a very important event for us. We always come with our stand and a good sample of Peris products: peanut pumpkins, roteña pumpkins, carruecano pumpkins, melon, watermelon… And also the whole offer of
fruit and vegetables in the pre-prepared convenience food range
which we serve packaged to open and eat. We call it healthy fast food. A delicious and healthy snack, in whose preparation we put a lot of love and professionalism.

This year 6 members of the Peris team were present: Alberto Montaña, general manager, Marta Peris, commercial director, Christian Palacios, marketing director and our colleagues from the commercial and sales area, Verónica, Sonia and Lourdes. Teamwork is essential, because there are many hours in front of the stand and we always like to give the best attention to our visitors.

Awarded with the Estrellas de Internet award for best blog

The surprise this year is that we came home with an award under our arms. We have won the award for Best Blog 2023 in the Estrellas de Internet awards, organized by
Fruit Today magazine

This has been a total satisfaction for us because behind each article published in our blog there is a work (again as a team) that is carried out with great affection: deciding what to talk about, how to write in an attractive way without losing the informative profile, what photos we choose to accompany the text… There are many decisions that are taken always thinking about the reader.

The blog allows us to better tell who we are and what we do, introduce team members and also offer advice on food, recipes and many other things.

We are very grateful to Fruit Today Magazine for the creation of these awards and the visibility they give to the work done by the marketing, design and communication teams of the different companies in the agri-food sector. Telling the story of our daily life, the beautiful moments and also the difficult ones, helps us to connect better with consumers and make them aware of the importance of eating quality fruits and vegetables.

We will keep working on new articles! We hope you will continue to visit and read us, friends.