Fourth range or IV range. If you are in the food industry, you know exactly what we mean.

If you are not, we will translate this technical term for you. It is basically peeled and chopped fruit and vegetables ready to eat.

This format of fruit and vegetables has entered the shopping baskets through the big door, and we know it well because in Peris we are dedicated to it and the volume we process increases year after year.

This is very good news for everyone. For us, because it allows us to continue growing and generating employment. And also for consumers, because they enjoy healthy products in a super convenient format, which only requires opening and eating.

Fruit and vegetables that conquer palates

Our fresh-cut fruit and vegetables are marketed under two brands, Peris and Frutifresh. If you come across any of them in supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés, Consum or Alcampo, you can be sure that the quality is superior. Because quality is one of our hallmarks and something our customers value highly.

In addition, another characteristic that distinguishes us is the great diversity of products and formats we work with, in total more than 70. And among all the
pre-prepared convenience products, there are
there are some that were last year’s sales leaders.

Carrot sticks

A format that makes it very easy to enjoy this vegetable whether you want to eat it as is, or if you want to use it to spread a hummus type cream.

Pineapple in cylinders and chopped

This fruit that we bring from Costa Rica is delicious and very healthy but, let’s face it, it’s a pain to buy whole. In addition, if you do not know how to peel it well, you will waste more than 70% of the product. Or if we live alone, one pineapple may be too much for one person. That is why peeled and prepared pineapple, either in cylinders or sliced, is very popular and is being chosen by more and more people, including many children.

Chopped pumpkin

Perfect for not having to fight in the kitchen with it, since its hard skin and the consistency of its pulp makes it take a long time to get it ready for cooking. With the pumpkin format in pre-prepared convenience food, simply open the package, cut to your liking and cook. It is also ideal if you need a smaller amount of pumpkin for a specific recipe.

Chopped coconut

Dealing with a coconut is not just any old thing. Therefore, if you enjoy this fruit, the most convenient way is to get it peeled and chopped, and that is why the coconut is also one of the most chosen by the consumer of fourth range products.

Constant innovation and investment: the road to excellence

Working with fresh-cut fruits and vegetables is not easy. We have talked about the importance of a quality product, at least for us. But how it is prepared is also essential.

At Peris, all this work is done in a clean room, a space where cleanliness reigns and which is kept at a constant temperature below 8 degrees, so as not to break the cold chain. This is vital for food security. And all of this is audited and certified with the demanding IFS Food 6.1.

A little more than a year ago
we expanded our facilities by 1,000 m2 and modernized both the space and the machinery.
. 1.2 million, which has allowed us to increase production capacity, optimize processes and improve efficiency in the consumption of energy resources.

Sustainability in focus: recyclable and recycled packaging

And if you’re worried about the packaging, we are too. We make a great effort to put the most sustainable packaging possible on the market, which is why our fresh-cut fruit and vegetables are served in 100% recyclable and 70% recycled tubs.

Sustainability is another of our healthy obsessions and is something we put into practice on a daily basis and in different areas of our activity.

Not hungry? A lot of us! We are going to open a mango jar, are you in? 😉