Vicentín melons, one of the two gourmet brands we work with at Vicente Peris, have already arrived to the market. Throughout the summer, and until we finish with the summer harvest, melon production will be domestic. Our cultivation fields are in Andalusia, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha, being in these last two areas where the pieces destined to our extra quality melons come from.

At Vicente Peris we only work with
top quality piel de sapo melons
and that is why they all carry the PERIS label, which for us is the guarantee that you are in front of a great melon. However, in all batches we select those that are the best of the best, and only these will carry the Vicentin or 18 Carat label , our top selection brands of piel de sapo melon.

Characteristics of our best Vicentín piel de sapo melon

piece of juicy melon toad skin melon gourmet melon vicentínIf you are wondering what are the characteristics of Vicentín melons that make them one of the best piel de sapo melons on the market, here are some hints.

– Melons weighing more than 3 kilos, because in this case size matters.
– Melons with a perfect formation.
– Melons with a correct writing on the skin.
Dense and firm melons, something that is noticeable in the weight and texture.
– Melons with high brix degrees, or in other words, with a high level of natural sugar, characteristic of the fruit.

When tasted, Vicentin or 18 Carat melons have a firm, ivory-colored flesh, are intense and elegant aromatically, with herbal hints of vanilla, juicy and very sweet.

Origin is everything and the origin of our Vicentín melons is in Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha.

In the melon world, there are many, many things that matter. The growing area, the climate, the type of soil, the irrigation flow, the variety, whether it is grown in a greenhouse or is a ‘street melon‘, as melons grown in the open are called….

melons are grown in the open air, and the first melons of the season
The first ones of the season come from Murcia, specifically from Campo de Cartagena. Our melon fields are located on sandy land close to the sea, perfectly structured with ponds and efficient irrigation systems. As for the varieties, we work with several, and only those that offer the highest quality will be used for the Vicentín and 18 Carat brands.

At the end of July, we incorporated the piel de sapo melons grown in Castilla-La Mancha, which also have the excellence in quality that we demand from all our production, and particularly from our most select melon brands.

field cultivation of piel de sapo melon in spain of the company vicente peris

Melons with quality certifications: IFS and Global GAP

There are other differentiating elements that distinguish quality fruit, and that ensure good practices in their cultivation and production process until they reach the points of sale, these are the certificates.

At Vicente Peris we have very demanding certifications that endorse these processes, one of which is the Global GAP. With this standard, we ensure food safety and traceability of our melons. In addition, we also certify that our work in cultivation has been respectful of the environment and biodiversity.

Another of the essential certificates for a highly demanding level of quality work is the IFS Food, which Vicente Peris has also had for more than 10 years. This standard controls all the work processes that take place in our facilities, which allows us to certify food safety and quality in all our products, including the protagonist of this article, the piel de sapo Vicentín melon and the rest of the melon brands we work with at Peris: 18 Quilates, Peris Gold, Peris Dolce and Peris. Of course, we also offer ready-to-eat melon products, such as peeled and sliced melon and melon with cured ham.

Where to buy Vicentín piel de sapo melons

If you can’t wait to try the wonder of melons, we’ll give you some hints on where to find them. Since it is a gourmet melon, it is usually found in the most select greengrocers, those for whom quality comes first. It is impossible for us to establish a specific list of points of sale in greengrocers, but in the greengrocers of the central markets of cities like Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid, they are usually a permanent fixture. Another option is to ask your usual greengrocer.

You can also find it in
supermarkets of El Corte Inglés
supermarkets, in the supermarkets
supermarkets and in the
online store of Vicentín

In Vicente Peris we demand the maximum to our Vicentín and 18 Carat melons, for this reason, and although they are available during most of the year, there are seasons between campaigns in which it is impossible to find them in the market, because we consider that the quality is not enough. Therefore, when you come across a Vicentín or an 18 Carat, seriously consider taking it with you, because you can be sure that you have in front of you the PLEASURE in melon form.