In Valencia there are buñolerías where we enjoy buñuelos throughout the year, but it is undoubtedly in Fallas when this typical Valencian sweet is consumed with greater intensity.

There are as many buñuelos as there are buñoleros, because each one gives their own touch and not all of them use the ingredient that undoubtedly makes the difference, the pumpkin.

At Vicente Peris we are pumpkin specialists, and we serve roasted pumpkin as one of our business lines. In addition to the individual format that can be found in supermarkets in portions under the Peris and Frutifresh brands, we also produce special orders for food companies, ice cream makers, frying plants, bakeries of fritters, cakes, biscuits, etc. We deliver the roasted pumpkin paste in customized formats allowing you to save time and money, with the highest quality.

We have the example of
Tyris, which in its craft beer Pimpam Pumpkin
includes our roasted pumpkin as an ingredient.
. There are also ovens that use it to make delicious sponge cakes… And there are also master bakers who choose our roasted pumpkin to make their pumpkin fritters, as is the case of the bakery and cafeteria Nuezcafé (C/ Convento de San Francisco, 6, Valencia).

Nuezcafé and family recipe for pumpkin fritters

pumpkin fritters in valencia with chocolate a la taza recipe by nuez cafe

Carmen and her son Javi run Nuezcafé, a pleasant café just a stone’s throw from Valencia’s Plaza del Ayuntamiento. It is a perfect place to enjoy a good coffee and some of its delicious sweet and savory specialties. In addition, during Fallas, they make pumpkin fritters.

The fritters are made by Carmen based on a family recipe, since her grandfather and her parents were bakers, so the tips and secrets of the bakery have been passed from generation to generation.

I have seen my mother make fritters all my life, and one day it occurred to me to try them and they were very good, so I continue with the tradition,” says Carmen, who admits that she cannot give us the recipe because she does not work with specific quantities. “The dough is something alive, I take a measure of one ingredient and another, but then I modify and add flour and water to the touch. It’s my hands, based on how they feel the dough, that tell me that I have it at the perfect point”.

For her, discovering Peris and knowing that she could buy from us already roasted pumpkin for her fritters was very satisfying.

“We used to have a family oven and roasted pumpkins there. We always worked with selected pumpkins brought to us by a farmer, because the quality of the product is a big part of the secret. But when I closed the oven I could no longer roast them and the industrial pumpkin puree, which is what is usually used in the catering industry, did not convince me because the result is very different. Fortunately I found Peris who serves me quality, roasted pumpkins, and I have solved the dilemma.”

step by step of the elaboration of pumpkin fritters, a family recipe made with roasted pumpkin Peris

According to Carmen, roasted pumpkin gives the fritters much more consistency. “Without pumpkin or with the puree they are more hollow, they are like air, and neither the color nor the flavor have anything to do with it.” Carmen also gives us another detail that makes the difference in the fritters, frying them in olive oil.

If you want to know where to eat good fritters in Valencia, without a doubt Carmen de Nuezcafé‘s fritters are a perfect option, although you will only find them during the Fallas festivities. If you want to try to make them yourself and you are looking for a
recipe for pumpkin fritters
we give you this one, prepared by the chef of the Restaurant El Mosaic in Meliana, Martín Sánchez. We hope you like it!