When the Valencian craft beer company Tyris decided to innovate with its ‘Pimpam Pumpkin’ beer, it looked to other nearby companies for the best suppliers of the special ingredients it was going to need: roasted pumpkin and spices.

In the case of pumpkin, the steps led them to us, as we are specialists in this product, which we work both raw and roasted. And after learning about the careful work process and the quality of our pumpkins, they chose them to give the differential touch to this original beer, ale style, created in the style of the American pumpkin pie, a traditional pumpkin pie.

Because of the ingredients it incorporates, pumpkin and spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and nutmeg, this beer has an autumnal profile, making it a seasonal product released in October while supplies last. And we recommend that if you come across her, don’t let her escape, because she is really hot.

Tyris Beer
its brewmaster, Adrián Serrano, tells us that the peculiarity of this beer recipe lies in the fact that the pumpkin is roasted, which gives it a different and special nuance compared to other beers that may include this ingredient. “For this reason, we wanted to have the best pumpkin on the market and that it was local, and after several tastings we chose Vicente Peris as our supplier,” Adrián tells us.

The benefits of the traditional variety pumpkin

Frutifresh roasted pumpkin, products Vicente Peris

The pumpkin that we provide to Tyris for the elaboration of this unique beer is
traditional variety pumpkin, a seasonal product that we grow in the Huerta de Valencia.
. The fact that it is of the traditional variety means a lot and really makes a difference. For those of you who do not know, the traditional pumpkin variety has excellent organoleptic characteristics, which are noticeable in the color of the pulp, aromas, flavor, sweetness and texture. We are very few producers of traditional pumpkin varieties, so this is something we like to emphasize as a differential value of our work.

The secret of our roasted pumpkin recipe

In addition to having a high quality pumpkin,
there is another secret, and that is the roasting method we use.
. Those of you who have already tried our roasted pumpkin that you can find in supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés, will already know what we are talking about ….. Thanks to the uniform roasting method over low heat, we obtain a caramelization of the pumpkin’s own sugars, and when we take it out of the oven it is at its optimum point. After roasting, we cool the pieces rapidly until they reach a temperature of 3ºC, which is maintained until distribution in refrigerated vehicles, to avoid altering the cold chain.

Roasted pumpkin is a delight, but we understand that roasting it at home can be a bit complex and also expensive, because of the time it has to spend in the oven. That is why our roasted pumpkin is so appreciated by lovers of this delicacy, because it is so delicious and because we give it to you ready to eat.

So we are glad that now you can find our roasted pumpkin also in another product, in Tyris’ craft beer ‘Pimpam Pumkin’. It is a real luxury that companies that take so much care of their products choose us as suppliers.

Let’s toast to it! With some Pimpam Pumkin, of course 😉