Are you coming with us to Albuixech? We propose a very didactic (and delicious) excursion in which we are going to show you in the following video how we work with one of the most delicate products that we elaborate in Vicente Peris, our baked apples and pumpkins. In the industry, this cooked product is known as V gamma (fifth range).

Peris baked apples and pumpkins have many fans, who enjoy the natural sweetness of these products and the perfect point at which we leave them. And the truth is that it is a very careful work. It involves several people who put all their efforts to get the best result, so we think it is worthwhile to publicize all the value and affection that lies behind a portion of pumpkin or a baked apple from Peris.

The basis of everything is the product. If it is not of the highest quality, in Vicente Peris we do not work with it, because we know that only with the best pumpkins and apples we will obtain the degree of sweetness and texture that make the difference in taste. We are
pumpkin specialists
This has distinguished us in the market for several decades, and we work with excellence in the field of cultivation. To roast them we always use the variety roteña, better known as ‘valenciana de asar’ or ‘gris valenciana’, which is the one that assures us a magnificent natural sweetness. And the same goes for apples, whose variety for our baked goods is the
Golden Delicious
. Because we give you an important fact: our pumpkins and baked apples do not contain any additives, i.e. we do not use sugar, honey, flavor enhancers or preservatives. It is a 100% natural product whose only process has been washing, preparation and baking.

different moments of the roasting process of Peris brand baked apples and baked pumpkins.

The roasting work is carried out with mastery mainly by our colleagues Alicia and Mª Carmen. Once they receive the selected and washed pieces, they prepare them with care for the roasting process that will last for two hours in state-of-the-art ovens that allow us to roast them ‘over a slow fire’, leaving the final product at the perfect point that we (and you) like so much.

Once we have the pumpkins and baked apples ready, we cool them before placing them in their recycled and recyclable tub, where we make sure they will last at their optimum point, until they reach some of you and you can enjoy them!

We leave you with the video! We hope you like it, and if when it’s over you are eager to sink your teeth into our pumpkins and baked apples, we tell you that you can find them in different supermarkets in Spain, such as in El Corte Inglés and Consum. And of course you can also order them at your local supermarket or greengrocer. 😉