Do you remember when your parents used to prepare peeled and cut fruit for you as a child? Maybe you have done it with your children too, or still do if they are still small. Preparing fruit this way is an invitation to eat it without excuses, and this is one of the many benefits of consuming fresh-cut fruit.

In Peris we are a company specialized in fruits and vegetables of first range (I range), fourth range (IV range) and fifth range (V range). We know perfectly the work processes, because we execute them daily, and our peeled fruits are present in several supermarket shelves all over Spain under two brands, Peris and Frutifresh.

And here we are going to tell you about the benefits of consuming fresh-cut fruit.

1. If you are given peeled and cut fruit, you increase your fruit consumption by 40%.

At Peris we have been analyzing fruit consumption trends for some time now, based on external studies published by public agencies, auditors, specialized media and also on internal analysis. And according to our findings,
fruit consumption increases by 40% if peeled and cut fruit is available to the user.

2. That piece of fruit has been chosen for you by an expert.


Visualize yourself. You are at the fruit store and you want to choose the best fruit to take home. It is not always easy, and experience tells you that sometimes you get it right, but sometimes not.

In the case of fresh fruit in tubs, the situation is very different. This fruit has a life of 5 to 6 days. We know that it has to be consumed in that period of time and that it must be perfect. For this reason, at Peris, expert hands choose each piece of fruit that will be destined for the pre-prepared convenience food range. In this way, they will always reach their containers at the best moment of ripeness, with all their natural sweetness.

Your diet will be healthier

children eating fruit healthy eating healthy eating fruit iv range peeled and sliced fruit peris frutifresh

A mid-morning lunch at work or during a study break, a snack on the street… If you haven’t brought anything from home, what are the easiest options? The snacks offered by most vending machines, a piece of pastry, a candy or chocolate bar loaded with refined sugars?

The peeled and cut fruit tubs are a great alternative for those moments. You can find ours (Peris and Frutifresh) in a wide network of supermarkets, such as El Corte Inglés, Alcampo and Consum, among others. So it’s as easy as carrying it in your bag or backpack, take it out, open it and eat it because, in addition, they have a biodegradable wooden fork, with which you can comfortably enjoy your fruit that from the tub tells you: “eat me”.

And all this also serves to improve
to improve children’s nutrition
. Offering them a tub of fruitas a snack or lunch is a great option for them to eat more fruit and get them used to healthy food choices, instead of resorting to other foods that, in the long run, will be harmful and will create in them inappropriate habits.

4. You will contribute to reduce food waste and promote the circular economy.

At Peris, the process of peeling and cutting the fruit is done manually. It is the best way we have found, so far, to control the whole process as much as possible and reduce food waste.

This work is carried out by our clean room technicians, specialists who professionally peel and cut the fruit, taking advantage of all the edible part, which reduces the remains that end up in the garbage.

What about the skins and those parts of the fruit that we discard? These organic remains contribute to the healthy feeding of the cows of a nearby livestock farm, an example of circular economy.

TheRPET plastic tubs with which we protect the fruit are 70% recycled, the maximum that allows us to ensure the food safety of the product, and 100% recyclable, as long as they are deposited in a yellow container for this type of packaging.

5. Food Safety and Allergen Control

technicians working in a clean room to monitor food safety while packing coconut in peris frutifresh tubs

Food safety is one of the most important aspects for us in the development of our work. When processing food, as in this case when peeling and chopping fruit, hygiene must be totally controlled.

At Peris, this work is carried out in a clean room, a safe environment of 1,000m2, where we work at a constant temperature and with 200 air microfiltrations per day. This workspace is IFS Food 6.1 certified. and ISO 7.

Cleanroom technicians perform a hygiene protocol before accessing the space and are equipped with an all-covering uniform that only exposes their eyes.

When we make a change of fruit we always sanitize the work surface, knives and different machinery to be used. There is also a change of the clean room specialist’s apron, gloves and sleeves. The objective is to avoid any trace of another food in a package, something that can cause serious problems if the consumer has an allergy or food intolerance to any fruit.

The consumption of cut fruit or fresh-cut fruit (pre-prepared convenience food) is increasing year after year. This is good news, because it means that more and more people are choosing to introduce more fruit into their diets.

At Peris we like to help society to have within its reach products adapted to the uses and pace of today’s life, which make it easier to opt for a healthier diet.

As one of our slogans says, with Frutifresh and Peris, you will eat fruit again!