Combining sweet and savory foods is usually a feast for our taste buds. And if these foods are healthy, even better. Under this philosophy, in Vicente Peris we have created a new combination that you will love, our new product ‘Pineapple with cooked ham’, a healthy and nutritionally complete proposal , in which the maximum quality of the product prevails.

Therefore, to our selected top quality pineapple that we grow in Costa Rica, we have added what we consider to be the best cooked ham on the market, that of the select delicatessen company, La Selva, with whom we also elaborate another of our star combinations, the
melon with Serrano ham, ready to open and eat.

‘Pineapple with cooked ham’ includes 270 grams of Peris pineapple, cut into juicy chunks to eat in one bite, and an extra 30 gram cooked ham roll, gluten-free and lactose-free. The packaging, RPET 100% recyclable and recycled, is designed so that both foods maintain their freshness until the moment of consumption.

With this new pre-prepared convenience food product, we continue in the line of putting on the market different and quality proposals, for those who are looking for a healthy snack or even a light and complete meal, with all the nutritional contributions.

Peeled and cut fruit, with the highest food safety standards

The selection, peeling and cutting of the pineapple is carried out in our state-of-the-art clean room. This is where we prepare all the peeled and cut fruit that we sell, or in other words, all our fresh-cut and pre-prepared convenience food products, of which we are producers and distributors.

The work with the peeling and cutting of fruits to be served ready to eat is very delicate. If done in an insufficiently hygienic environment, it can give rise to bacteria that can jeopardize food safety.

For this reason, our
ISO 7 certified clean room
is a safe space, where we maintain a stable temperature that does not exceed 8ºC, and where we renew the air about 200 times a day. In addition, our clean room technicians are fully equipped with a specific uniform for this type of space, so that the handling of fruits and vegetables is 100% safe.


Buying cut fruit will help you eat more fruit

In our experience, when a person has prepared fruit at his disposal , i.e. peeled and cut, he eats on average 40% more fruit. Cut fruit saves us time and makes it very easy to incorporate this healthy food into our diet.

In addition, in the case of our peeled and cut fruit, which you will find under the Peris and Frutifresh brands, there are two more factors to highlight.

On the one hand, we do not choose just any fruit. The pieces are selected by our experts, professionals who know how to choose the best watermelon, the best melon, the best pineapple, the best pomegranate, etc. And in addition to choosing the best piece of fruit, they also select it at its optimum ripeness. This gives us all the peace of mind in the world, because we know that whoever chooses our peeled and cut fruit will enjoy the best piece of fruit, which will also be at its best moment.

Another aspect to highlight is the reduction of food waste. Our fruit cutters are experts in peeling, to remove just what is necessary, no more, no less. This greatly reduces what is thrown away. In addition, the bark and parts we dispose of are managed in a responsible manner thanks to our collaboration with local livestock farms.

It’s a win-win in every sense of the word. The consumer wins, because he enjoys the best piece of fruit in a comfortable way, and the planet wins, because organic waste becomes part of the so-called circular economy.

And we are delighted to have added one more product, ‘Pineapple with cooked ham’, to our extensive catalog of fresh-cut fruit. One more step to contribute to put on the market a healthy and balanced proposal from the nutritional point of view.