These melon and watermelon recipes will make you fall in love. We want you to enjoy our favorite fruits in a different way than usual. On their own, as a dessert or snack, they are perfect. But if you have the soul of a cook or a gourmet palate and you like to try new recipes, here you have a good opportunity.

We have created a section in the web that we will be adding new recipes elaborated with Peris products. We started with watermelon and cantaloupe. But we will continue with all the others: pumpkin, spring onion, white celery, pomegranate, mango, carrot, peas, locust bean, broad bean, coconut and pineapple.

These first recipes are the creation of chef Martín Sánchez, from El Mosaic Restaurant in Meliana. A specialist in preparing dishes with ingredients that anyone can have in our pantry, but giving them a touch of fusion and originality. In this case, we asked for the recipes to be very simple, because the idea is that you can make them at home, without complications and without investing a lot of time. And so it has been!

chef and head waitress of the mosaic restaurant in meliana with a melon and a peris watermelon at the photo shoot of the recipes.

Quality products for your recipes

The higher the quality of the ingredients you use in your recipes, the better they will be. Just because you make a watermelon gazpacho, you should not choose a poorer quality watermelon thinking that if it is not very sweet, the other ingredients will compensate. This is a mistake.

The sweeter, better and more delicious the watermelon or melon (or any other ingredient), the more spectacular the recipe will be. That is why we recommend using Peris melons and watermelons for these recipes, because quality is one of the hallmarks of our products.

10 finger-licking recipes

Here is the
access to the recipes page
and also the list of these first 10 quick and easy melon and watermelon recipes that we have already been lucky enough to try, and we assure you that they are worth it.

We would like to thank Martín and Mª Ángeles Juan, his right-hand woman and head chef at Mosaic, for their involvement from the very first moment and for being as enthusiastic as we were about this proposal. It has been a real pleasure!

Come on, cooks, let’s get to it!

recipes of melon and watermelon peris mosaic restaurant