We are delighted to tell you that we have obtained the GRASP module of the GlobalG.A.P. certificate, a significant step in our commitment to social responsibility in our labor and business practices.

GRASP addresses a wide range of aspects related to social practices, including compliance with labor legislation and the welfare of our workers. For example, it ensures that employees are represented, that there is an internal procedure for complaints and suggestions, that there are no discriminatory situations, that there is equal pay and that there is a balance between working hours and rest, among many other aspects.

For several months, we at Peris have undergone rigorous evaluations to demonstrate that we comply with all labor and social considerations required by the module. This process has included random checks and interviews with our workers by the certifier to ensure that our standards are maintained in practice. These verifications confirmed that Vicente Peris is a safe environment in terms of social and labor practices, which has allowed us to obtain the GRASP module.

This achievement reinforces the company’s ongoing commitment to process improvement, validating our commitment to quality, food safety, sustainability and, most importantly, labor and social rights.

At Vicente Peris, we not only strive to offer high quality products, but we also care about the well-being of those who make our success possible: our employees and collaborators.